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== Getting Involved ==
== Getting Involved ==
There are many ways to get involved with JFace Data Binding...
There are many ways to get involved with JFace Data Binding.  To find out how you can contribute see [[/How to Contribute|How to Contribute]].
* Answer questions on newsgroup - we try to be prompt and responsive on the [ newsgroup] but there's always room for improvement.  If you know the answer to a query feel free to answer.
* Write patches for new or existing bugs - When logging a bug if a patch is included it will increase the likelihood and speed at which the fix is made.  To make a great impression, attach a test as well.
* Write documentation or tutorials - A project can never have too much documentation.  We're in need of updates for the wiki and we're looking for more tutorials.
* Let us know how you feel - Feedback, whether positive or negative, is always appreciated.  This can be done via the newsgroup, existing bugs, or plan items in bugzilla.
== Project Status ==
== Project Status ==

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JFace Data Binding is a multi-threaded set of abstractions that allow for automated validation and synchronization of values between objects. This is commonly used for, but not limited to, the binding of user interface components to model attributes. The core concepts behind the project are Observables and Bindings. We provide IObservable implementations for SWT, JFace, and JavaBeans but the core is void of references to these in anticipation of implementations for other projects (e.g. EMF, Swing, etc.).

JFace Data Binding
How to Contribute



Requirements and Design

Tutorials & Presentations


Contact Us

The Platform newsgroup is the place for discussions and questions relating to JFace Data Binding. When posting please prefix the subject with "[DataBinding]" to allow us to easily find posts related to the project.

Design discussions and bugs are located on Eclipse bugzilla with a the values...


Like posts to the newsgroup when logging bugs please prefix the summary with "[DataBinding]" to allow for easier identification.

Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved with JFace Data Binding. To find out how you can contribute see How to Contribute.

Project Status

JFace Data Binding 1.0 was releaseed with Eclipse 3.3, Europa. We're currently working on the 3.3.1 maintenance release as well as enhancements for 3.4.

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