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JEE Status Meetings/2011-10-06

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Continue discussion where we left off last week, including prioritization and ownership

Juno Planning

Java EE Tools plan
EJB Tools plan

Themes: Improved usability, Improved extension capabilities, Maven(m2e) integration

Proposed enhancements

  • Java EE 6 technologies -
    • JCDI?, other Java EE 6 technologies not currently covered? - Max brought up this possibility.. Chuck thought SAP could be interested.
  • Server Tools / Tomcat adapter improvements
    • WTP Tomcat Adapter - problem with m2e-wtp 's war overlays when doing ""Serve modules without publishing"
    • WTP Tomcat adapter redeploys entire webapp on class change - what can be done to improve?
    • Solve the challenge of there only being Jar, Ear and War support for adapters. If other project/packaging types are introduced *all* servers need to update their logic as it is at the moment. Presents a challenge with for example BPEL project types which have had to introduce their own specific adapter.
  • Enhance extension capabilities to flexible component framework
  • Improve flexible component framework capabilities

Important Bugs

Other topics

  • Possibilities of m2e-wtp coming to eclipse? Can we propose an incubating project? - Konstantin and Chuck will provide samples of proposals,and assist.
  • WTP meetup at EclipseCon europe ?
    • Fred and Max are going. Anyone else ?


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