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JEE Status Meetings/2010-01-14

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  • Carl Anderson
  • Chuck Bridgham
  • Kaloyan Raev
  • Jason Peterson
  • Angel Vera
  • Jason Sholl


Java EE 6

Java EE 6 model updates - see bug 299598
EJB 3.1 bugs of note: 241667 241668 299086
Glassfish Java EE 6 wizards
Java EE Tools plan
EJB Tools plan
List of Java EE 6 bugs that need to be rolled into the WTP 3.2 plan

Virtual Component

Migrate Java EE Deployables to use the new VCF traversal logic 297653
Make export operation pull from wst.server APIs to reduce redundancy and inconsistancy 265798 - Committed to WTP 3.2 M4
Allow simple but extensible Virtual Component Framework traversal 296764 - Committed to WTP 3.2 M5

Flexible Modules

Replace Existing JavaEE Dependencies page
Bugs marked with the Flexible Modules whiteboard entry

Other topics

Server Tools Enhancements: 293742 292194 291833 286699 282483


Carl: I sent a note to wtp-dev about bug 299598. In the EJB 3.1 bugs of note section, I added bug 299086.

Kaloyan: I started working on 241667 and 241668. We are waiting to hear back from the Glassfish team on all three of these bugs - we will wait a week before attempting to do these ourselves.

Chuck: Do we have any updates on when Glassfish will contribute?

Kaloyan: No.

Carl: I added the link Rochelle sent me for the Glassfish Java EE 6 wizards

Kaloyan: It all looks good to me.

Carl: Chuck, you said last week that you were going to take a pass through the plan and target things- did you get a chance?

Chuck: No. We are looking through the list and working towards targets. We should know in a day or two. Another thing the Glassfish team had mentioned were the Servlet 3.0 elements- that is currently deferred, but if they contribute, we will put in a milestone for it.

Kaloyan: What about the deployment descriptor trees? Are they going to appear in the Project Explorer out of the box?

Carl: That hasn't been done yet.

Chuck: I thought the item providers worked on the existing models already.

Kaloyan: When I did the smoke test recently, I didn't see that for Java EE 6. I will open a bug about this, then.

Carl: Anything else on Java EE 6?

Kaloyan: There is bug 252618 - we weren't sure when Java EE 6 would come out. We wanted to put in an extension point or something so adopters can contribute when Java EE 6 is released.

Chuck: What kind of extensibility are you looking for?

Kaloyan: Extensibility such as what is run when the new facet is added. That way adopters can do the rest of the Java EE 6 functionality in their product. Then, when Java EE 6 was postponed again, we decommitted this enhancement.

Chuck: In terms of adding additiona operations on finish - that is already there. In terms of replacing the operation that is run, that would be a lot of work.

Kaloyan: I was meaning moreso that we rework this bug such that, now that Java EE 6 is there, we can use this to get the Java EE 6 elements all working correctly.

Chuck: So what you mean is going through each of the wizards, one by one, and make sure they work?

Kaloyan: Yes. For example, EJB 3.1 is very similar to EJB 3.0. But for Servlet 3.0, it would be adding the generation of annotations into the servlet code.

Chuck: Can we either add more detail to this bugzilla, or else open separate ones?

Kaloyan: Yes. I will do that.

Angel: I sent Jason Peterson a note about the test results after I apply the patch.

Jason P: If you apply the entire patch with his test case updates, then the JUnits pass. The question is, are you OK with his JUnit updates?

Angel: I will look at the changes this week, and see if we can get these in this week.

Chuck: Can you give us a quick status?

Jason P: The deploy code is complete. The model is done- that code is all committed. I am currently working on the export code- getting it to use the new model.

Chuck: Do we want to try to rush this in, so that it is smoke tested today?

Jason P: That's what Rob wanted.

Chuck: I tend to agree. Angel - can you rush this review? That way we have people pounding on it for a week.

Carl: I worry about another major change. We already have the Java Facet changes this week.

Angel: I think getting it in would be good. If we find a problem, we can always yank it out next week.

Jason P: The biggest change is the children count vs. members count - he updated the counts, and he changed the id references from display name.

Angel: The change of id is what worries me moreso than the counts.

Jason P: I only remember that hitting one test case.

Chuck: Angel, if there is any way you can review those before the WTP meeting, we can decide about the respin then.

Angel: One of the server tools enhancements is already closed. I still have to review the other ones.

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