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JDT Core/Plan/4.8/JEP325

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Planning page for JDT Implementation of Switch Expressions (JEP 325) for Java 12

Main tracking bug: bug 542557

Compiler changes

Changes regarding the compiler: bug 542557

Grammar changes

Switch Expression grammar changes - add bug number This would be a major grammar change effort/time estimate for grammar - Currently here - need to rewrite the grammar - est : done

Compiler AST Creation

Tied with parsing - done

Type Inference

Type inference since switch expression may be an expression - bug 542871 - Done

Flow analysis changes

will have flow analysis changes - in review - 3 days bug 542707

Error reports

  • new error reports. (0 days - in parallel with flow analysis ?) - in progress in parallel - almost done if flow analysis done - no separate effort

Code generation

Addressing the breaks without label but with expressions and implicit break labels for switch label expressions - 1 week bug 542838

Java Search support

slight change expected - 2d bug 542559

DOM support

ast changes expected - 1wk -- 1st patch review done, rework done [2nd patch review also done - rework in progress] bug 542558

Content Assist support

  • additional place the content assist be applicable - 5 days (bug 542560

Code Select support

  • additional place the content assist be applicable - 5 days (bug 542561

UI Changes

  • Switch ASTs to JLS11 (generic - 1d)

Code hover

  • Show inferred type of variable - no change expected


  • Allow JDT UI to target Java 11 in Compiler Preferences - generic (1d in parallel)

Quick fixes

  • convert to a switch statement ( 3 DAYS? jdt.ui to comment)
  • coalesce two or more case statements to comma separated case label statements - 4 ays> jdt.ui ? opportunistic
  • see bug 543665

Code templates

  • add switch in templates - 1d

JDT Debug

  • Expected to have an impact - especially breakpoints - 1w approx

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