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JDT Core/Plan/4.8

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Planning page for JDT Core work for Photon (4.8)

The sub-lists in the order of decreasing urgency is shown in the table below - Last few rows are for convenience and may not have mapping of row number to urgency.


Sl No Category Remarks
1 Open Bugs - Next Milestone 4.8 M3
2 Open 4.7.2 bugs -
3 Open Photon Bugs

Java 9 Technical Debt and Additional Features Support

Sl No Category Remarks
1 Open Java 9 bugs for next milestone 4.8 M3
2 Open 4.7.2 slated Java 9 bugs
3 Open 4.8 slated Java 9 bugs
4 Open Java 9 Orphan bugs waiting for adoption Please sync up with the respective QA contacts.
5 All Java 9 open bugs targeted plus non-targeted

Java 8 Technical Debt Support

Other open bugs and enhancements related to Java 8 that is slated to 4.8 - here

JDK 10 Investigation

(Yes, we may get a JDK 10, 11, etc., after all: Proposal from jdk-dev list)

Investigate Java 10 features and the possible support from JDT Core Top Level Bug.

JEP286: Local Variable Type Inference

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