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         | <b>Effort Estimate Rationale</b>
         | <b>Effort Estimate Rationale</b>
         | <b>Remarks</b>
         | <b>Remarks</b>
        | 1
        | [ JEP 323: Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters ]
        | 531711
        | 2d
        | jdt.core: Grammatical only, plus errors when mixing var/manifest and var/elided parameters.
        | integrated
         | 1
         | 1

Revision as of 10:00, 1 March 2018

Planning page for JDT Core work for Photon (4.8)

The sub-lists in the order of decreasing urgency is shown in the table below - Last few rows are for convenience and may not have mapping of row number to urgency.


Number All Bugs Open Bugs
4.8 M5 Next Milestone Next Milestone
4.7.3 Maintenance Maintenance
4.8 Photon Photon

Java 9 Technical Debt and Additional Features Support

Sl No Category Remarks
1 Open Java 9 bugs for next milestone 4.8 M5
2 Open Java 9 bugs for next maintenance 4.7.3
3 Open Java 9 bugs slated for 4.8
4 Open Java 9 Orphan bugs waiting for adoption Please sync up with the respective QA contacts.
5 All Java 9 open bugs targeted plus non-targeted

Java 8 Technical Debt Support

Other open bugs and enhancements related to Java 8 that is slated to 4.8 - here

JDK 10 Investigation

Query used is this; Generic JEP query is this. (Yes, we may get a JDK 10, 11, etc., after all: Proposal from jdk-dev list) For each Java X (10,11 etc) - add an additional weeks effort for pde related (3d) and misc sanity (2d).

Investigate Java 10 features and the possible support from JDT Core Top Level Bug.

Sl No JEP /JDK Bug Eclipse Bug/Wiki Link Target Milestone/Date Remarks
1 JEP 314: Additional Unicode Language-Tag Extensions Not Applicable - Placeholder
2 JEP 286: Local-Variable Type Inference JEP286: Local Variable Type Inference 3rd March refer JDK-8187694 as well
3 JEP 322: Time-Based Release Versioning Placeholder Feb 23 This may have impact on launcher as well JDT Core model tests (if not covered yet)
4 JSR 269: Pluggable Annotation-Processing API Bug 530444 - JSR 269 API changes 15 Feb Maintenance Release 4 ongoing - keep open.
5 Add -source 10 and -target 10 to javac bug 527556 23 Feb (jdt.core done; jdt.ui has a wip patch and pending - 2d of effort estimated) CSR
6 Add module support for javadoc -link and -linkoffline options to add bug number CSR
7 Support for multiple stylesheets in javadoc to add bug number CSR

JDK 11

Sl No JEP /JDK Bug Eclipse Bug/Wiki Link Target Milestone/Date Effort Estimate Effort Estimate Rationale Remarks
1 JEP 309: Dynamic Class-File Constants 531710 3d jdt.core: disassembler ; no mandatory changes expected for compiler though opportunistically it can generate the new constants - not taking that effort into consideration. No changes expected in jdt.ui and pde. jdt.debug also not affected though the invokedynamic will be used here - no change in jdt.debug atleast in the first phase. targeted
2 JEP 318: Epsilon: An Arbitrarily Low-Overhead Garbage Collector 1d zero if no jdt.debug effort - no effect on jdt.core, jdt.ui and pde. At runtime, a debug session with this option turned on might terminate earlier- the solution could be as simple as bumping up the mem req in which case the effort is low. targeted
3 JEP 320: Remove the Java EE and CORBA Modules 2d test effort only; no effect on JDT and debug - no change in launcher / eclipse.ini file as well as long as we are not using and other deprecated modules - Documentation at the marketplace may require removal of mention of these deprecated modules, if any and use only ALL-SYSTEM. targeted
4 JEP 323: Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters JEP 323 planning page see also bug 531711 3w See here for details targeted
5 Add -source 11 and -target 11 to javac 531713 4d includes 1d of jdt.core and 2d of estimate of jdt.ui and 1d effort of jdt.debug/launch testing targeted (CSR)
6 Add module support for @see, @link and @linkplain javadoc tags. 531712 2w search, jdt.ui will be affected targeted (CSR)

JDK XX - [11, 12, ...]

Sl No JEP /JDK Bug Eclipse Bug/Wiki Link Target Milestone/Date Effort Estimate Effort Estimate Rationale Remarks
1 JEP 325: Switch Expressions JEP 325 JDT Planning Page see also bug 531714 5w see here for details candidate - highly possible for JDK 11
2 JEP 305: Pattern Matching 531715 8w includes an estimated 5-6w for jdt.core and rest for jdt.ui and debug candidate - highly possible for JDK 11 as an incubating feature
3 Raw String Literals 531716 3w language changes, plus possible refactoring changes. includes a possible 1w effort from jdt.debug changes for breakpoints in between the lines draft - highly possible for JDK 11
4 JEP 302: Lambda Leftovers 0 - placeholder candidate
5 JEP 301: Enhanced Enums 0 - placeholder candidate
6 JEP 293: Guidelines for JDK Command-Line Tool Options 0 - placeholder candidate (Launcher may be affected)
7 JEP 218: Generics over Primitive Types 0 - placeholder candidate
8 JEP 300: Augment Use-Site Variance with Declaration-Site Defaults 0 - placeholder candidate
9 JEP 303: Intrinsics for the LDC and INVOKEDYNAMIC Instructions 0 - placeholder candidate

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