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JDT Core/Plan/4.7

Planning page for JDT Core work for Oxygen (4.7)

This page discusses target fixes and improvements to JDT Core for the upcoming Oxygen release. A list of open and resolved bugs for 4.7-4.7M4 and BETA_JAVA9 targets can be found via this query. The BETA_JAVA9 branch/target is expected to be merged into 4.8 and 4.7.1 when Java 9 gets released in July 2017. Primary focus of JDT Core for Oxygen is Java 9 update.

Java 9 Support

Add Java 9 support in JDT Core bug 457413 In BETA_JAVA9, WIP

  • Module support bug 482882 In BETA_JAVA9, WIP
    • Ecj compiler/grammar/codegen changes bug 486012 In BETA_JAVA9, WIP.
    • Project - Module interplay bug 479483 In BETA_JAVA9.
    • Search Support for module bug 478361 In BETA_JAVA9, WIP.
    • In-module-info Content Assist bug 480612 In BETA_JAVA9, WIP
    • DOM changes for module bug 487780 In BETA_JAVA9, WIP
  • JEP 213 Milling project coin bug 495954
    • Private interface methods bug 488662 - Complete (In BETA_JAVA9)
    • Allow @Safevargs on private instance methods bug 488658 - Complete (In BETA_JAVA9)
    • Disallow Underscore identifier bug 488657, bug 508867 - Complete (In BETA_JAVA9)
    • Allow diamond with anonymous classes bug 488663 - Complete (In BETA_JAVA9)
    • Allow effectively-final autocloseable resources in try-with-resources bug 488659 - Complete (In BETA_JAVA9)
    • DOM AST support for resource references in TryStatement bug 497719 - Complete (In BETA_JAVA9)
  • JEP 223 Versioning Support bug 480992 - Complete (In BETA_JAVA9)
In progress - work is in BETA_JAVA9 matching available specification

New Search Indexing Support

Proposal for a faster JDT index bug 481796.
Plan is to introduce a global index that holds semantic information rather than filename mappings, supports reliable error detection, and is extensible enough to replace all current indexes and caches. It will support most common JDT operations without the need to ever open a .jar file or perform an exhaustive search. The design document is available here The Indexer is not yet adopted across all JDT features. At the moment, this new Indexer is disabled by default. bug 515496

Delivered in 4.7

Update JDT Core to use Java 8

Move JDT Project compliance to 1.8 bug 488273

Delivered in 4.7

Routine Maintenance and enhancements

Delivered in 4.7

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