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JDT Core/Java9

Java 9 landing page: Java9.

The root bug for all the work in JDT Core for Java 9 support is bug 457413.

Use Cases

Use cases are listed here : JDT Core Use Cases

Open issues

This has more items now and gets its own page here: Open design issues and tasks

Current Focus

The foremost goal for JDT should be to support projects with JDK 9 in their build path. This effort is being tracked by bug 459415.


  • The following lines must be added in all headers of modified files for the Java™ 9 implementation:
 * This is an implementation of an early-draft specification developed under the Java
 * Community Process (JCP) and is made available for testing and evaluation purposes
 * only. The code is not compatible with any specification of the JCP.
  • Use @since 3.12 BETA_JAVA9 on all newly added members (same bundle version as in Neon).


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