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JDT Core/Java8

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This page summarizes the work that is being done to add Java™ 8 support into Eclipse. As of now JSR 335 (Lambda expressions) and JSR 308 (Type annotations) are being planned

Java 8 features that are being worked on

What needs to be done


Current status

Updates are filed in the top level bug [380190 - Add support for Java SE 8]

JDT UI changes are tracked in JDT UI/Java8

Java 8 features
Lambda Expressions Method references Default Methods Type Annotations / Receiver parameter
Grammar / Parser (1) (1) (1) (1)
Compiler in progress in progress (1) (1)
Reconciler (1) (1) (1) (1)
Error recovery
Java Model (Jay) under investigation under investigation under investigation no changes needed atm
DOM / AST (1) in progress in progress (1)
AST Rewrite in progress in progress in progress (1)
Class file generation April (Srikanth) April (Srikanth) (1) in progress (Markus)
Formatter (1) (1) (1) (1)
Indexer (Manoj) April-May April-May April-May April-May
Search (manoj) April-May April-May April-May April-May
Code select (Anirban) in progress in progress in progress in progress
Code completion (Anirban) in progress in progress in progress in progress


Not done yet

(1) more work needed if spec changes


  • The following lines must be added in all headers of modified files for Java™ 8 implementation:
 * This is an implementation of an early-draft specification developed under the Java
 * Community Process (JCP) and is made available for testing and evaluation purposes
 * only. The code is not compatible with any specification of the JCP.

  • Use the following @since tag on all newly added members: "3.9 BETA_JAVA8"

What to do to set up the IDE

  • You need to install a JDK8 build as an installed JRE in order to run the tests using the JavaSE-1.8 Execution Environment.

Configure a project to use Java 8 features

Because JDT/UI does not yet offer the options to configure a project for Java 8, any projects wishing to use Java 8 features should be manually configured by ensuring these lines in <project>/.settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs:



This is a work in progress. The contents of the BETA_JAVA8 branch will be updated as the changes are made to the JSR Specification.

If you need any help with this, please contact the JDT/Core team through either the forum or Bugzilla.

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