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JBI Runtimes

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Check out Philip Dodds' work on Eclipse-based JBI tooling at and watch his progress on FUSE tooling at his blog.

Refer to the STP tooling proposal on the ObjectWeb's JBI Petals project wiki page [1] Hereunder are the main thoughts related to this proposal ==>

Eclipse plugins

There are several types of plugins to be provided in STP to support JBI containers and more specifically Petals for:

  • Service Creation
  • Service packaging
  • Test
  • Petals runtime support

Service Creation

Some wizards will be provided to create a JBI Service Engine or Binding Component. This wizards will be based on a Binding component and Service Engine framework (including the Message Listener, a service unit manager skeleton, ...)

Tasks to be supported by these wizards are :

  • Generation of the component structure
  • Generation of the deployment descriptors
  • Generation of the WSDL to be procided to the JBI container by the component
  • Generation of the Service Unit Manager

These wizards will either use a POJO as the base for code generation, or generate an empty class for implementation.

Service packaging

A plugin will provide the capability to prepare for the deployment of JBI components, service units and service assemblies to a JBI compliant container:

  • Create the jbi deployment descriptor for a component
  • Create and package a Service unit descriptor
  • Create and package a Service assembly

Tests The project will provide a Universal Test Client for JBI components. Such a client will be associated with a specific Binding Component and will give the opportunity to test a JBI component deployed on the container.

Typical steps are :

  • The test client gets the service WSDL
  • The plugin generates an interface from the service WSDL to neter parameters
  • Users can specify some JBI metadata
  • The plugin sends the message to the client and displys the results

Petals runtime support

Some tasks specific to Petals will be provided to :

  • Support Petals runtime inside Eclipse for debug purpose
  • Package and configure Petals distribs by integrating several JBI components with the Petals runtime

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