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IoT Playground

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This page is for organizing the Eclipse IoT Playground at EclipseCon Europe 2014. (See the IoT page on the ECE website here.)

We are currently tracking progress with this Google doc.

Organization Proposals

Eurotech: Shoot-a-Pi

  1. DAY 1 - Create your target device by wiring sensors and leds to the GPIOs of the Raspberry PI.
  2. DAY 2 - Create your embedded application via Kura 1.0 for Eclipse to remote control your target device.
    • Count shots reported by the bluetooth laser gun.
    • Detect when the laser gun hits the target reading the light sensor.
    • Drive the leds using GPIOs when the laser gun hits the target.
    • Publish the number of shots and hits to the cloud via MQTT.
    • Build a Web-based shooting dashboard by reading shots information from the MQTT broker with web sockets
    • Be creative and expand on the above scenario with a buzzer and other goodies.
  3. DAY 3 - Play the match and Win your Prize !

OSGi: Demos with Pis

Bredex: Eclipse Techology Stack

We would like to demo an Eclipse Technology Stack using Jubula, SmartHome (actually openHAB), Mosquitto, Paho, some Eclipse runtime stuff and Lego Mindstorm (which is sadly not an Eclipse project) running on a bunch of computers including Raspberry Pi. We will have some sort of challenge (TBD) where we would give away a Mindstorm NXT to the winner(s). We would have the 2 students who did this as part of their bachelor thesis demo the stack and help interested attendees with the challenge.

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