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IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes

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The Internet of Things Industry Working Group is holding bi-weekly calls on Wednesdays, at 12pm ET.
Participation to these calls is restricted to members of the IWG, but the minutes are public. We alternate between marketing-focused calls (upcoming events coordination, community outreach, etc.), and technical calls mostly targeting project leads, to synchronize cross-project activities.

The meetings are held via teleconference. The regular call-in numbers are shown below (if possible, please used caller paid numbers). There are a few local / toll-free dial in numbers, but you may want to setup a SIP client on your computer if possible.

  • North America 1-866-569-4992
  • Germany 49-692-2224-6059
  • France 33-(0)-17-070-8535
  • UK 0800-033-7806
  • Switzerland 41-44-580-2115
  • Sweden 46-85-063-8386
  • Italy 003-902-3604-8268

Participant conference extension: 713, then enter pin 68764

SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.

Sept 23, 2015 (PMC Call)



Sept 9, 2015 (Marketing Call)


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Dave Woodard
  • Kai Hudalla
  • Steffen Evers
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Virgil Dodson


  1. Review marketing programs for remainder of 2015 and first half 2016

  1. Plans for a hardware catalog
  2. Update on IoT server discussion
  3. Review plans for EclipseCon Europe
  4. Update on IoT booth at M2M Summit

June 3, 2015 (Marketing call)


  • Jens Reimann
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Virgil Dodson
  • James Kirkland (and XX), Red Hat
  • Ian Craggs
  • Alois Zoitl
  • Dave Woodard


  • Introduction of new members
  • IoT Events
  • Update of Virtual IoT Meetup
  • IoT Case Studies: I'd like to start collecting case studies on how companies are using Eclipse IoT technology.
  • Other topics?

Introduction of new members

  • James and XX from Red Hat introduced themselves.
  • Other new members who recently joined include Azul Systems and Verisign.

IoT Events

  • We are looking at having an Eclipse booth at M2M Summit and share the cost between Eclipse IoT members
  • IoT World Congress in Barcelona (same event organizer as Mobile World Congress)
    • Call for papers is out
  • IoT Day at EclipseCon Europe, similar to what we did at EclipseCon 2015
  • Industry of Things in Berlin
    • Can we do an Eclipse IoT Day just before or after this show?

Virtual IoT

  • 350 members and counting
  • Hundreds of replays of the webinars on YouTube
  • Alois is interested to present 4DIAC at the end of September. Benjamin will be in touch to put the presentation in the schedule.

IoT Case Studies

  • Ian would like to start harvesting case studies and success stories w/ the different projects and technologies of Eclipse IoT
  • Ian will start reaching out to companies and put together a template of the information needed for documenting the case study

GitHub issues

  • Projects have to use Bugzilla. The reason is Eclipse Fdn does not want to use vendor-specific solution (if a vendor goes away, we have an issue).
  • Ian suggests that PMC leaders Jens and Kai take the issue to the Board level via the Committer Reps

May 20, 2015 (Project leads call)


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Craggs
  • Jens Reimann
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Marc Mültin
  • Virgil Dodson
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Dave Woodard


  • Presentation of the new RiseV2G IoT Project
  • IoT Commons, in particular current status regarding Bluetooth LE and USB
  • Update on Open Source IoT server discussions
  • LwM2M over MQTT: next steps


  • This project aims to implement communication between Electric Vehicals (EVs) and charging stations
    • Based on IEC 15118 standard
  • Quite a community already: car manufacturers, utility, ...
  • Presented at two major international conferences over the last year
  • The protocol is client/server. RiseV2G aims at being integrated in charging stations (server) and the car is the client
  • Implementation is in Java
  • The protocol can be used for other smartgrid usecases like solar panels
  • Code will be hosted on GitHub
  • Marc indicates that there could be interesting collaboration opportunities with Eclipse SmartHome.
    • Kai indicates there is already a new binding in Eclipse SmartHome for Charging Stations (KeyBar(?))

IoT Commons

  • Our goal should will be to work on providing open source implementations of existing APIs (see eg. javax.comm, javax.usb, OSGi Alliance RFCs)
  • If we don't have the API (e.g. Modbus): what should we do?
  • Benjamin will provide a metadata "template" to make it easier to document the dependencies.

IoT Server

LwM2M over MQTT

  • Next steps: discussing proper integration of the work being done at IBM India in Leshan

Mar 25, 2015 (Project leads call)


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Craggs
  • Julien Vermillard
  • Luca Dazi


  • Update on the IoT Challenge. Deadline was yesterday and Benjamin will update on the submitted solution and relationship with Eclipse IoT projects.
  • IP and process issues. Quick roundtable on any outstanding CQs or process issues that projects may have.
  • LwM2M over MQTT update.

IoT Challenge

  • The final entries have been submitted. See
  • The results will be announced shortly
  • Many great submissions around MQTT, Kura, MQTT-SN, LwM2M so all the project leads are encouraged to have a look and engage with the participants

IP and Process Issues

  • Benjamin asks the project leads attending the call if they have process topics to discuss.

The following topics were discussed during the call:

  • Julien is inquiring about the time it takes to do a formal release, and asks about how long it takes to get an IP log approved, and a release approved.
    • If the project leadership has been managing its contribution properly, and granted that there are no problematic CQs, the IP log is approved in less than a week
    • Once the IP log is approved, at the project review can be scheduled and the review period cannot be less than a week.
    • This wiki page and associated diagram summarizes very well the workflow.
    • For the record, a project may decide to submit an IP log for approval even when a release isn't planned. This is useful whenever some major contributions or 3rd party libraries are added to the codebase, and in general to avoid rushing a few days before a release.
  • Ian Craggs rises the point of some projects he's been trying to recruit as Paho components, and who are currently hosted on Github. One of the reasons these projects wouldn't move to Eclipse was the fact they would lose Github issues and a very "low barrier" for bugs/feature requests to be reported.
    • Julien highlights that the current situation is pretty messy: some Eclipse projects recently created have Github issues enabled, or have had GH issues disabled by Eclipse webmaster and lost the existing issues that people already opened.
    • Someone has reminded that GH pull requests are very similar to GH issues, and are allowed.
    • If there is a legal reason to not allow Github issues, the projects would like to know. If there is a technical reason, it seems bug 442828 comment 7 would be a viable answer. In general, the project leaders all expressed that they don't have a clear position from EMO that they can use to explain to their community why GH issues aren't allowed.
    • Ian Craggs notes that a solution to the problem might be to consider Github issues with different levels of contribution, and that in several cases, an issue is just opened as a way to engage the discussion. If a GH issue ends up being an actual contribution, the project leadership could "clone" the conversation on Bugzilla, if that is needed for a legal reason.
  • Still on the topics of Github development, it is note that some projects avec their GitHub wiki enabled.
    • Is this a bug? Or, again, what is EMO's official position?
  • Both Ian and Julien express concerns about libraries coming from the NodeJS or Javascript ecosystem who prove difficult to be cleared, IP-wise (libuv for Mosquitto, Bootstrap or Angular libraries for Leshan...)
    • Julien wonders why Eclipse projects can't use libraries that do not have proper CLAs, but seem to be used widely. "Why is everybody using NodeJS and NodeJS libraries if there is a risk?"
    • Benjamin will reach out to the Orion project leadership to understand better how they work with 3rd party JS dependencies

LwM2M over MQTT

  • A meeting is scheduled for April 2, to discuss the current prototype implemented by IBM India during the Open IoT Challenge, and prepare next steps.
  • Wiki page

Feb 12, 2015 (Marketing call)


  • Jens
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Benjamin
  • Dave Woodard
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Mahdi Ben Alaya
  • Virgil Dodson
  • Ian Craggs


- IoT Challenge results to date - IoT Developer Survey - review questions in attached document - Web site updates - EclipseCon and IoT Day update

IoT Challenge

  • Participants' projects are highlighted on
  • Four projects are blogging actively and showing interesting results. Several "tips and tricks" and "tutorials" are being created as part of the blogging activity of the participants. Eclipse IoT projects should make sure to relay those in their own mailing lists, wikis, etc.
  • There are several solutions that are using Kura, Leshan, and MQTT/MQTT-SN
  • Deadline for final submissions will be March 23rd (initially Feb 27)

IoT Developer Survey

  • The survey should help build awareness about Eclipse IoT by writing a report
  • We probably don't want more than 20 questions
  • Question 10 on protocols should probably be split in two sections: messaging protocols and industrial protocols
  • "Is open source an important factor for your IoT solution?" or "What's your organization's view on OSS: never use it, considering using it, ..."

Web site updates

  • Benjamin and Ian are working on revamping the website since it's start to show its age and is not adapted anymore to the numbers of projects and technologies we have
  • There should be showable results in the next couple weeks.

IoT Day

  • The help of the Eclipse IoT members to recruit participants is greatly appreciated :)

Jan 28, 2015 (Project leads call)


  • Update of project release plans.
  • GPG signing update. Benjamin will provide an update on setting up GPG signing for IoT * projects.
  • LWM2M over MQTT – Update on the initial discussions regarding running LwM2M over MQTT
  • Update on the IoT Challenge


  • Benjamin
  • Jens
  • Michael Bradley
  • Kai K
  • Mahdi
  • Ian Craggs
  • Marco
  • Virgil

Update of project release plans

  • Paho
    • Paho 1.1 will include:
      • .Net and WinRT by Paolo Patierno
      • Formal release of the embedded client
      • Formal release of the Android service
      • Service update of all the other clients
    • Next version will be Paho 1.2
      • to be released in Mars
  • SmartHome
    • No release in preparation (there was a release announced in Dec. but it has been withdrawn)
    • Ongoing work on REST API
      • Automated and interactive documentation of the REST API using Swagger
    • 0.2 release is out
      • built on Monday, ongoing testing. To be announced tomorrow.
      • inclusion of IEC standards is finally a GO!
    • next version will be 0.3
      • more functionality back-ported from OpenSCADA
      • deprecate old functionality
      • to be released in ~6 months
  • Kura
    • Kura released just before Christmas a 1.1
      • support for openJDK Device I/O API
      • support for USB HID
      • service release of the network management bits
      • upgrade to Paho 1.1
    • Moving forward, a 1.1.1 is planned for February
  • Mahdi
    • OM2M first release planned for March
      • CoAP and HTTP bindings
      • better SQL/database abstraction
      • backend interface
    • After that (Sept), a bridge to OneM2M will be added + a GUI

Project release schedule

  • Eclipse release train: every project joins and tools+plugins are synchronized
  • However for IoT we don't really have one single set of tools, but it would be great to provide a better view (calendar?) of what is in the pipe for the projects
    • PMI improvement?
    • Jens suggests that this is a manual web page on, or it could use the PMI API

GPG Signing update

LwM2M over MQTT

IoT Challenge

  • Gift cards have been sent to 10 projects.
  • Eclipse IoT Projects are encouraged to monitor Twitter and help the participants with any questions they may have

Jan 15, 2015 (Marketing call)


  • IoT Developer Survey
  • IoT Challenge
  • Web site updates
  • Eclipse IoT Day in Dresden Germany
  • IoT Day in Grenoble, France


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Jens Reimann
  • Dave Woodard
  • Julien Vermillard
  • Bernd Fischer
  • Mahdi Ben Alaya

IoT Developer Survey

  • Goal is to understand what's going on in the market, and esp. for developers
  • Jens volunteered to help elaborate the questions

IoT Challenge

  • Deadline to enter is January 17
  • We have around 20 entries so far so we expect to end up with 30+
  • Participants will have to blog about their project and we will be promoting the content

Web site updates

  • needs some love
  • On the home page:
    • List the projects
    • Improve the contact form
  • Benjamin and Ian will draft an update for the website

Eclipse IoT Day in Dresden Germany

  • Eclipse and IoT Workshop on March 18th
  • Looking for speakers
  • 50+ participants
  • SmartHome, EclipseSCADA, Vorto
  • Bernd will promote the event on the Eclipse mailing list

IoT Day in Grenoble, France



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