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IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes

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The Machine-to-Machine Industry Working Group is holding weekly calls on Tuesday at 9amET.
Participation to these calls is restricted to members of the IWG, but the minutes are public.

The meetings are held via teleconference. The regular call-in numbers are shown below (if possible, please used caller paid numbers). There are a few local / toll-free dial in numbers, but you may want to setup a SIP client on your computer if possible.

  • North America 1-866-569-4992
  • Germany 49-692-2224-6059
  • France 33-(0)-17-070-8535
  • UK 0800-033-7806
  • Switzerland 41-44-580-2115
  • Sweden 46-85-063-8386
  • Italy 003-902-3604-8268

Participant conference extension: 713, then enter pin 68764

SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.

January 28, 2014


  • Introduction of all the project leaders so they know each other and the projects
  • Q&A on the Eclipse project creation process to make sure everyone is moving forward with their project.
  • Identification of future points of collaboration


  • Jens and Jurgen - IBH, Eclipse SCADA
  • Mattias - ETH Zurich, Californium
  • Jan - IBM research, Concierge
  • David Navarro and Hatem - Intel, LWM2M
  • Thomas - Eclipse SmartHome
  • Wes and Marco - Eurotech, Kura
  • Andy - CloudFoundry, Paho
  • Ian - Eclipse Fdn
  • Mahdi - LAAS, OM2M

Eclipse SCADA – Jens & Jürgen

  • SCADA system based on Eclipse and OSS components
  • Industrial sites and plants with PLC
    • data acquisition
    • middleware for processing the data
    • client applications to visualize the whole data
  • Project proposed in 2013
  • Source code contributed
  • First milestone of 0.1 in the process of being released
    • Estimated release date for 0.1: next few weeks
  • openscada -> Eclipse SCADA migration is now complete

Californium – Mattias

  • Californium is a Java impl of the CoAP protocol
  • Implemented during Mattias' PhD
  • Has been used for validating IETF drafts
  • Good scalability results
  • Comes with a DTLS (security) implementation
  • Idea is now to make it a "real" open-source project
    • It is already on Github
    • Make it a bigger project and get new contributors
  • Project is in the proposal phase
    • Still looking for interested parties

Concierge - Jan

  • Concierge also started at ETH Zurich as an implementation of OSGi R3 meant to run on constrained devices
  • Code is currently being brought to R5 compliance (93% complete so far)
  • Initial contribution of the code needs some clean-up but should be done in the next days
  • Footprint is 314KB
  • Jan is def. interested in other projects using Concierge and providing feedback
  • 2 missing features so far: Resolver hooks, new way to acquire resources via bundle wiring.

LWM2M - David & Hatem

  • LWM2M is an OSS implementation of OMA LWM2M
  • David is involved in Device Management technologies at OMA
  • LWM2M targets IoT devices
  • In June 2013 a first open-source version of lwm2m was released (github)
  • Project proposed in Dec-2013
  • The implementation itself is not complete but has lots of features

Eclipse SmartHome - Thomas

  • UI, rules, persistence services, etc. for controlling and automating things
  • Eclipse SmartHome is created
  • All CQs are submitted / some CQs are still waiting for approval but check-in was granted
  • First binary build should be available "soon", most likely this quarter
  • Many Eclipse projects that SmartHome is interested in collaborating with
    • Concierge
    • Californium
    • Paho is used already
    • Kura

Kura - Wes & Marco

  • 45 CQs, most of them approved as part of the parallel IP process / 14 CQs still pending
  • Code will be on Eclipse's github repo
  • Some CQs might not be approved
    • libdbus - which is dual-licensed academic free-license / LGPL
    • dxt - graphical toolkit on top of GWT
  • First release should be in a couple weeks

Paho - Andy

  • MQTT implementaitons in Java, JS, Python, C, C++, Objective-C, Lua
  • Objective-C has just passed parallel IP
  • Paho intends to join Luna for C and Java, maybe JS
  • Standardization work at OASIS – to be concluded in the next few months
  • The teams works closely with the Mosquitto project
    • Mosquitto is an MQTT broker

OM2M - Mahdi & Thierry

  • OM2M is an open-source Java implementation of the ETSI M2M standard
  • Service capability layer for device, gateway, and network
  • RESTful design to enhance interop
  • HTTP, CoAP, and XMPP (Benjamin – not sure it got that one right, feel free to correct)
  • OSGi-fication using Equinox, build using Maven Tycho

Collaboration between projects

  • Andy: would that make sense to have kind of a cross-projects mailing-list
    • Ian suggests to start with the m2m-iwg mailing-list for now
  • Ian: is there a need for a build infrastructure for e.g building for the Raspberry Pi
    • Jens: yes! building for Windows is also a requirement for EclipseSCADA
    • Marco: would be great to have ready-to-use binaries for popular open-hw platforms
  • Ian suggests to open bugs for capturing requirements from the projects about build infrastructure and the like
  • Mattias: it would be great if the website would feature a more visual representation of how the projects are working/connected with each other
  • IoT day - April 9th
    • Idea would be to have a one-day webinar
      • If projects have resources they would like to feature, this would be a great opportunity
      • Benjamin and Ian to put together a more formal plan about this event

January 14, 2014



  • Marco Carrer
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Benjamin Cabé


  • Discussion on potential events
    • Eurotech will present Kura during IoT Day in Grenoble
    • Marco will see if Eurotech ppl from London are interested in attending FOSDEM in Brussels Feb 1-2.

Project leads sync call

  • Benjamin and Ian will coordinate with project leads to invite them to the call in two weeks time to share progress and experiences with the Eclipse process



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