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IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes

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The Machine-to-Machine Industry Working Group is holding weekly calls on Tuesday at 9amET.
Participation to these calls is restricted to members of the IWG, but the minutes are public.

The meetings are held via teleconference. The regular call-in numbers are shown below (if possible, please used caller paid numbers). There are a few local / toll-free dial in numbers, but you may want to setup a SIP client on your computer if possible.

  • Ottawa (local call in Ottawa) 1-613-454-1403
  • North America (toll free) 1-877-369-7806 (alternative: 1-866-569-4992)
  • Germany (local call anywhere in Germany) 49-692-2224-6059
  • France (local call anywhere in France) 33-17-070-8535
  • UK (toll free) 0800-033-7806

Participant conference extension: 713, then enter pin 68764

SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.

July 2, 2013


Eclipse SCADA

  • Scada is monitoring and control tool for computer systems
  • More human to machine than machine-to-machine
  • Rely on existing hardware for interfacting
    • Sensors are embedded in dataloggers, PLC, low-level control systems, … and they provide the data to higher level systems
    • Open SCADA has "drivers" to convert existing protocols into "internal" protocol
  • Master server based on OSGi/Equinox
  • Pipeline to process data: round, scale, override, … that eventually reaches an User Interface
  • Open SCADA not interested in doing the embedded part, rather interfacing with embedded systems
  • Jürgen experimented with MQTT in order to create a driver for OpenSCADA.
  • Master server is an OSGi (Equinox) application that dynamically be configured at runtime
  • Several drivers available (not all them are "open-sourcable"): OPC, Modbus, Shell exec, …
  • Configuration
  • User Interface: GEF and Draw2D based. Allows to create a dashboard with e.g vector graphics
  • Graphical widgets can be configured in XML
  • Timeline:
    • One mentor is identified, still need an extra one.
    • Release 1.2 of OpenSCADA is in progress
      • removing some dependencies
      • relicensing under EPL
    • Contribution expected in 1 to 2 months.
    • By the end of the year there should be a first release available at Eclipse
    • All sub-projects (Aurora, Atlantis, etc.) are in separate repositories
    • Driver modules could be extracted

Top-level project

  • Marco: should we have the discussions on the ML or the wiki?
  • Benjamin:
    • do we want the TLP to stay very horizontal, or also include vertical solutions
    • it's important to clarify what deliverable are expected from the "Protocols" projects: one project per protocol and/or per language? what about wrappings/drivers for other frameworks?

June 18, 2013


  • Presentation of the Concierge project proposal (by Jan S. Rellermeyer)
  • Marketing update / Past and upcoming events
  • Creation of an Eclipse top-level project for Machine-to-Machine
  • Greenhouse demo


  • Jan Relermeyer
  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Hilary Tomasson
  • Marco Carrer
  • Peter Niblett
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Regrets: Mats Samuelsson

Concierge project presentation

  • Concierge is a project started in 2006 as part of Jan's PhD
  • Goal is to provide an OSGi implementation with the smallest footprint
    • targeting mobile and embedded
  • OSGi R3 core implementation
    • 86 kB of footprint
  • The code is meant to be readable
  • As part of the move to Eclipse, one of the goals is to reach OSGi R5 compliance
    • biggest challenge is generics ; it's hard to optimize things such as package dependencies
  • Target is ~300KB for the JAR footprint, and ability to run on Java 1.4 (JSR14)
  • Roadmap
    • Code submitted for IP review in July
    • Compliance to the R5 TCK is gonna be addressed over the next couple months
    • Compatibility with Android
  • Other services from the compendium may be added
  • Project will be dual-licensed under EPL and EDL (BSD-like)
  • EventAdmin and HTTPService are part of the original Concierge project
  • Help is welcomed for topics such as the implementation of new Compendium services.

Marketing update / Past and upcoming events

  • EclipseCon France 2013
    • Good M2M content
    • Interesting presentations around M2M/embedded ; eTrice, 4DIAC,…
  • Upcoming
    • Las Vegas.
      • M2M World Congress, September, Nice France
      • Benjamin and Ian to talk
    • Eclipse Foundation will have a demo table
  • JavaOne, San Francisco
  • EclipseCon Europe, October, Germany
    • Would be great to have a full track of M2M content :)
  • Devoxx, Antwerp, Belgium
    • Eclipse Foundation will have a booth
      • Tutorial?
    • Peter Niblett may be interested to participate
    • Bi-weekly calls will be used to discuss the opportunity to do a joint workshop
  • Open Hardware Summit, September, Boston - MIT
  • Press release - mid/end of July
    • "Momentum" press release: new project proposals, existing releases, commercial announcements, …
  • New project proposal: openSCADA.

Creation of M2M top-level project

  • A top-level project is how projects are grouped under a specific technology domain
  • Top-level project have PMC (Project Management Committees) that take care of IP, approval of new committers, of new projects, dependencies, …
  • Technology is the catch-all top-level project, but projects are encouraged to migrate to other top-level projects when they are ready and/or mature enough
  • There are now enough projects that would fit under an M2M umbrella
  • Next steps:
    • Define a scope. Ian suggests to use M2M IWG scope as a basis
    • Draft a charter
    • A TLP needs to be approved by the Board of Directors

Greenhouse demo

May 21, 2013


  • Project updates
    • Koneki
    • Mihini
    • Paho
  • New project proposal: Eclipse Ponte
    • Scope
    • First feedbacks
  • permanent demo
  • EclipseCon France meeting


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Cuero Bugot
  • Thomas Schuetz
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Matteo Collina
  • Marco Carrer
  • Hilary Tomasson
  • Andy Piper
  • Peter Niblett

Project updates


  • Polishing 1.0 release
  • Started to work on new tooling for Mihini for building application packages from the IDE


  • Small bug fixes
  • Documentation
  • Re-implementing security for being IP clean


  • Working towards a 0.5 release
    • Java and C clients (other clients are not as mature)
    • Mavenizing the Java client
  • Javascript client contributed by IBM
    • New Python binding from Roger.
  • Discussion about other protocols (CoAP, M3DA) addition to Paho
    • Current focus is releasing Paho 0.5 with MQTT clients, and see later for new protocols
  • Target date is May 31

Eclipse Ponte

  • Ponte project goal is to empower the M2M developers
    • ease the development of normal and web applications
  • There will be different protocols anyway
  • Another goal is addressing the data format
    • Most of existing data formats can be converted with each other
  • Security
    • OAuth
  • First feedback received from Toby Jaffrey
  • Presentation about QEST/Ponte at EclipseCon France
  • Everything in Ponte to JSON if possible
  • Protobuf, MsgPack, Bysant are targeted as reprensatation format
  • Andy P is an interested party
    • Ponte could be a good opportunity to have an even better JS story in Paho (mqtt-js)
  • Ponte has Coffeescript code that will be reworked to be pure JS demonstrator

  • Matteo suggests to create a Twitter bot using Hubot
  • Benjamin: on the demo page we could feature "Other cool projects connected to this demo" and "Commercial solutions"
  • Ian: This demo should really be about promoting interoperability
  • Benjamin will add the documentation of the REST API for interacting with the demo on github

EclipseCon France meeting

  • F2F meeting for the 4th of June is cancelled because many participants would have been on the phone anyway

May 7, 2013


  • Project updates
    • Koneki
    • Mihini
    • Paho
  • permanent demo update
  • Eclipsecon France meeting agenda


  • Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless
  • Didier Lahay, Sierra Wireless
  • Cuero Bugot, Sierra Wireless
  • Hillary Tomasson, Eurotech

Project updates


  • 1.0 RC1 released last week
  • On track for 1.0 final with Kepler


  • Need to work on replacing security libraries that are not approved (IP) for use at


  • No one from Paho on the call.
  • Benjamin indicates that there were new clients contributions done in the last couple weeks: Python, Javascript, ...

Eclipse M2M technologies permanent demo

  • Benjamin to create a Wiki page to document this demo and list the goals, conditions to participate...

Face-to-Face meeting - June, 4

  • The tentative agenda is [[here]]
  • People are invited to register by adding their name to the Wiki page.
  • Hillary to check with Marco if there are items that Eurotech would like to add to the agenda

Apr 23, 2013


  • Project updates
    • Koneki
    • Mihini
    • Paho
  • permanent demo
  • Eclipsecon France meeting
  • Upcoming events


  • Peter Niblett
  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Laurent Barthélémy
  • Cuero Bugot
  • Thomas Schuetz
  • Mats Samuelsson
  • Hilary Thomasson
  • Marco Carrer

eTrice introduction

  • Thomas, project lead of Eclipse eTrice
  • The focus of eTrice is to provide toolset for modeling and code generation for embedded systems
  • Based on ROOM language, a DSL from telecom industry, that can also be used for machine control
  • Interest in finding new applications, what would be useful for ppl in the M2M area to use eTrice as a tool
  • Automotive and machine controls
  • Lots of people interested in using eTrice for various domains: banking, Machine-to-Machine
  • eTrice is good at programming distributing applications

Project updates

Paho update

  • Java: creation of a 0.2 release candidate, update of the Eclipse view
  • Bug triaging
  • New Python MQTT client contributed
  • Objective-C still under IP review
  • JS client pending

Koneki update

  • 1.0 M1 released last week: adds support for Lua 5.2, LuaJIT
  • New and Noteworthy available [[1]]

Mihini update

  • Problems with the IP of some libraries (security)
  • Adding GPIO APIs permanent demo

  • Sierra team working on setting up hardware and web UI for a 24/7 greenhouse demo
  • Same greenhouse should be usable for any server-side platform
  • Axeda interested in having the demo compatible with its platform
  • Thomas: eTrice could be used for simulating the system control, visualizing the changing data

EclipseCon France

  • Meeting of the IWG the day before, June 4th

Upcoming Events

  • M2M World Congress: Ian and Benjamin to speak. Should Eclipse and partner have a booth
  • Ian, Mike Milinkovich and Peter will talk in Atlanta, on May 7th, about OASIS MQTT initiative, M2M...

Kepler democamps

  • June: democamp and hackathons all around the world
  • Would be great to have people volunteering for demoing Eclipse M2M technologies :)

Apr 9, 2013


  • Partners Recruitment* Webinars
  • EclipseCon France (CFP, IWG meetings)
  • Weekly calls format


  • Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Fdn
  • Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless,
  • Didier Lahay, Sierra Wireless,
  • Hilary Tomasson, Eurotech
  • Peter Niblett, IBM
  • Andy Piper, CloudFoundry

Partners recruitment

  • End-to-end demo. Need to communicate about it
  • #iot on twitter
  • Telefonica has just launched a cloud? m2m-telefonica
  • Andy reached out to them on Twitter
  • Add to the Eclipse portal
  • Greenhouse is nice to show at events but maybe not really exciting from an industry perspective (oil, power plant, … could be more appropriate)
  • Companies should be able to take the embedded gateway source code and connect it to their cloud

Events to target in Q3

  • M2M World Congress in Nice - end september
    • they are still looking for content
  • 3-5000EUR to share a booth
  • JavaOne
    • same week at M2M World Congress
    • Ian to send more details
  • Connected World - June
    • Eurotech is attending
  • M2M Evolution - part of the ITExpo (US) - end of August
    • Eurotech is attending
  • M2M Summit - Dusseldorf - early october
  • One M2M
  • JAX


  • Mihini
  • M3DA
  • Paho/MQTT: Hilary to check if Eurotech could do another webinar

F2F meeting at EclipseCon France

  • 4th of June in the afternoon

Meeting are now moved to bi-weekly

  • Benjamin will send an updated invitation

Apr 2, 2013


  • EclipseCon feedback (M2M sessions, F2F meeting)
  • M3DA/MQTT convergence
  • EclipseCon France


  • Hilary Tomasson, Eurotech
  • Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless


Call was very short since most people didn't show up (Easter holiday) Benjamin reminded Hilary that EclipseCon France call for papers is running until the 15th and that it would be interesting to get more M2M content submitted.

Feb 19, 2013 (proposed agenda)

  • Starting API Work.
  • MqGnatt contribution

Feb 12, 2013

  • There is general consensus that the Continua sequence diagrams can serve as starting point for REST mapping and API work. We will look for means to get that work going in one or more of the projects, on the next call. Axeda's work on the scenarios will factor into this as well.
  • Arlen is still intending to contribute McGnatt. It could as a "best practices implementation" in combination with some new documentation.
  • Possible Webinars
    • It was proposed that a whitepaper and/or webinar on Device Management/Provisioning with respect to the Eclipse work, would be of value. Mats will look further into this.
    • A security webinar to outline and discuss security solutions in end-to-end M2M application development
  • An introduction to the Lua MQTT client, and the platforms and applications it is being used on.

Feb 5, 2013


  • Mats Samuelsson, Axeda
  • Patrick Dempsey, Band XI
  • Hilary Tomasson, Eurotech
  • Scott de Deugd, IBM

Continuation: discussion of MQTT related topics raised by Axeda

  • Scott gave update on OASIS TC. Last date to join the TC is March 18th.
  • There was some feedback from review of Continua Sequence Diagrams that it looks like useful input to the API work. No next steps were agreed to but we will revisit this again after Phil and Mats have the opportunity to update the Scenarios and Problems.
  • Discussion of MQTT related topics raised by Axeda but not covered last week.
    • Lua: Axeda would like to contribute to Lua Client. Scott suggested their project lead call into the bi-weekly Paho calls for an introduction to Andy Gelme.
    • Best Practices: There still are no volunteers for such a document but Mats said Axeda is interested in taking a lead to get this moving. There was some discussion of integration this with the pending MqGnatt contribution from Cirrus Link so we will discuss again when Arlen can make the cal.
  • Ian pointed out a potential new contributions from ( It looks that discussion has moved to the MQTT Google Group.

Jan 29, 2013


  • Mats Samuelsson, Axeda
  • Phil Lombardi, Axeda
  • Joe Biron, Axeda
  • Patrick Dempsey, Band XI
  • Arlen Nipper, Paho
  • Benjamin Cabé, Sierra Wireless
  • Scott de Deugd, IBM

Discussion of MQTT related topics raised by Axeda

  • High level positioning of the MQTT protocol (e.g. "long haul" networks). Scott and Arlen gave a brief overview of the discussion the OASIS C charter which led to describing a number of characteristics of MQTT and network topographies it is designed for. While it is well suited for wireless/constrained networks between an M2M gateway/edge and an enterprise type server, we probably want to avoid precluding its uses there, or in other network topologies. The IWG should pursue this as the topic of a white paper and it will be discussed again around MQTT-s (see note below)
  • Client ID:
    • The behavior to disconnect existing clients if a client connects to the broker with the same client ID is not ideal. It would be nice if the protocol specified that the broker should auto-assign an unused client ID. Perhaps this could be an option sent in one of the header fields?
    • It would be great if the client ID could hold at a minimum a UUID length of characters.
    • It was not clear that this needs to be part of the MQTT protocol Axeda will work this into a requirement set so that the IWG can understand the problem and work on a recommend solution in the Eclipse projects. Phil will take a look at the existing M2M use cases in the form of Scenarios and Problems, to see if they can be modified to include the situations Axeda anticipates.
  • MQTT-S: The community needs a public reference implementation of MQTT-S. When we performed our research on MQTT around October of 2012 we were unable to find any public implementations of MQTT-S. I remember seeing that the reason for this is that there are legal issues surrounding the MQTT-S spec somewhere on the MQTT Google Group.
    • Scott gave an overview of the OASIS Standardization effort and how it is positioned with Paho. Community feedback so far is that MQTT-S is important, yet out of scope of the OASIS Technical Committee. It is withing the scope of Paho and agreed to take this discussion outside the IWG calls to develop a recommendation.
  • The remaining topics brought up were deferred to a future call.



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