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IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes

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Revision as of 11:07, 22 November 2011 by (Talk | contribs) (Minutes of 22nd Nov call.)

The Machine-to-Machine Industry Working Group is holding weekly calls.
Participation to these calls is restricted to members of the IWG, but the minutes are public.

22nd Nov. 2011


  • Benjamin Cabé (Sierra Wireless)
  • Scott DeDeugd (IBM)
  • Arlen Nipper (Eurotech)
  • Ian Skerrett (Eclipse Fdn)
  • Mike Milinkovich (Eclipse Fdn)


  • Review of the first draft of roadmap
  • Face to face meeting
  • Recruitment
  • Mosquitto setup

Review of the first draft of the roadmap

  • Overview and background
    • Ian: we should define M2M better in the first section
    • Ian: is the roadmap only related to Eclipse projects?
    • Ian: highlight that we want to build an industry consortium
  • Basic Principles
    • Arlen: the feedback on MQTT recent announcements is that ppl think that everybody seems to pick his specific protocol and promote it / try to turn it into a standard
    • Mike & Arlen: we are fine with existing protocols (recent discussion about DNP 3.0 in MQTT google group), we don't aim at replacing them. We want to be above existing protocols.
    • There are questions still open in this section. Let's keep them as is and put the roadmap draft on the wiki.
    • Arlen: use cases definition is a difficult task ; especially if we have carriers involved (difficult to end up with use cases which are not too generic)
  • M2M vision, purpose & scope

Mike reminds that the charter is not final yet. We are in a 30-day period where the community can give feedback. Even after that period of time, updates to the charter are still possible though. The M2M Industry Working Group is part of an Open Source Foundation: we are looking at code contributions, not ending up with standards/open standards.

    • Ian: detail as much as possible where we want to go. What would be the success criteria for Koneki, for Paho
    • Synchronize the roadmap of individual projects / be sure they are in sync with the global roadmap of the IWG itself.
    • Mike: if Mosquitto is going to be hosted at Eclipse, it has to be in the scope
    • Ian: we should have a bottom-up approach --> "Here is what we want to accomplish, do you want to help us?"
    • Mike: need to have short iterations if possible
  • Near term direction
    • Everybody agrees that 12-18 months is a good duration (revision of the roadmap in ~6 months if needed)
    • Ian: roadmap v1.0 will have to be voted (as well as how to revise it)
  • Roadmap process:
    • Mike: say that we solicit feedback from the community, but mentioning that the steering committee will have to vote/approve changes

Face-to-face meeting

  • suggested date is Jan. 31st, in IBM Hursley
  • TBC before Christmas.


  • Members of the IWG discussed about companies that might be interested in joining the IWG (and becoming members of the EF)
  • Recruiting universities and research institutes would be very valuable: they could run their projects as Eclipse projects…

Mosquitto setup at Eclipse

  • Ian and Arlen still need to setup a meeting with Eclipse webmasters (user management, ACL, …)

15th Nov. 2011


  • Benjamin Cabé (Sierra Wireless)
  • Gaétan Morice (Sierra Wireless)
  • Jean-Yves Reynaud (Sierra Wireless)
  • Scott DeDeugd (IBM)
  • Arlen Nipper (Eurotech)
  • Ian Skerrett (Eclipse Fdn)

EclipseCon feedback

  • BoF
    • About 10-12 interested people: home automation hobbyists, ppl working in companies interested in M2M
    • We need to agree on a common terminology: Benjamin to initialize a page on the wiki
    • We need to come up with a "big picture"
    • People don't quite get how MQTT will address the fragmentation in terms of "local" protocols (Modbus, CANbus, …)
      • clarify what MQTT is and what MQTT is not
    • "Communication challenge" ahead: everybody has its own definition of M2M
    • We need a roadmap!
  • Modeling / Hobbyists
    • People really interested by the approach where you work on the abstraction of what the application is doing (e.g. get a temperature every 10 min)
  • Setup a Mosquitto instance at Eclipse to lower the barrier for people (inc. hobbyists) to prototype more easily?
    • Deploy an Ubuntu version of Mosquitto at
    • Set-up to be discussed with Eclipse webmaster (Arlen and Ian)

Paho update

  • Code is ready to go. (3.0 version of MQTT)
  • CQ for IP review to be open soon
  • Proposal to be clarified re: server-side stuff

Koneki update

  • Lua Dev Tools now available on the market
  • Great feedback so far from the Lua community

EclipseCon 2012

  • Benjamin to submit the proposal, Benjamin and Scott speakers.
  • Ian suggest to submit technical proposals by Friday 18th! (Target "Mobile" and "Embedded" tracks)

What next?

  • Roadmap
    • Focus on what we think m2m/IoT should be
    • Define the marketecture / big picture
      • Everybody is encouraged to put ideas on the wiki
      • Scott to put a first draft on the wiki for next week
    • Arlen suggest to put together an FAQ
  • Face-to-Face meeting
    • Ian: face-to-face meeting purpose would be to come up with version 1.0 of the roadmap
    • Face-to-Face meeting tentative at the end of January: 30th or 31st in London area
  • Interested parties
    • Ian: should we try to recruit at least one carrier in the IWG?
      • Yes, but we need an actual roadmap first

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