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IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes

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The Machine-to-Machine Industry Working Group is holding weekly calls.
Participation to these calls is restricted to members of the IWG, but the minutes are public.

15th Nov. 2011


  • Benjamin Cabé (Sierra Wireless)
  • Gaétan Morice (Sierra Wireless)
  • Jean-Yves Reynaud (Sierra Wireless)
  • Scott DeDeugd (IBM)
  • Arlen Nipper (Eurotech)
  • Ian Skerrett (Eclipse Fdn)

EclipseCon feedback

  • BoF
    • About 10-12 interested people: home automation hobbyists, ppl working in companies interested in M2M
    • We need to agree on a common terminology: Benjamin to initialize a page on the wiki
    • We need to come up with a "big picture"
    • People don't quite get how MQTT will address the fragmentation in terms of "local" protocols (Modbus, CANbus, …)
      • clarify what MQTT is and what MQTT is not
    • "Communication challenge" ahead: everybody has its own definition of M2M
    • We need a roadmap!
  • Modeling / Hobbyists
    • People really interested by the approach where you work on the abstraction of what the application is doing (e.g. get a temperature every 10 min)
  • Setup a Mosquitto instance at Eclipse to lower the barrier for people (inc. hobbyists) to prototype more easily?
  • Deploy an Ubuntu version of Mosquitto at
  • Set-up to be discussed with Eclipse webmaster (Arlen and Ian)

Paho update

  • Code is ready to go. (3.0 version of MQTT)
  • CQ for IP review to be open soon
  • Proposal to be clarified re: server-side stuff

Koneki update

  • Lua Dev Tools now available on the market
  • Great feedback so far from the Lua community

EclipseCon 2012

  • Benjamin to submit the proposal, Benjamin and Scott speakers.
  • Ian suggest to submit technical proposals by Friday 18th! (Target "Mobile" and "Embedded" tracks)

What next?

  • Roadmap
    • Focus on what we think m2m/IoT should be
    • Define the marketecture / big picture
      • Everybody is encouraged to put ideas on the wiki
      • Scott to put a first draft on the wiki for next week
    • Arlen suggest to put together an FAQ
  • Face-to-Face meeting
    • Ian: face-to-face meeting purpose would be to come up with version 1.0 of the roadmap
    • Face-to-Face meeting tentative at the end of January: 30th or 31st in London area
  • Interested parties
    • Ian: should we try to recruit at least one carrier in the IWG?
      • Yes, but we need an actual roadmap first

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