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SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.
SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.
= Feb 3, 2016 (PMC Call) =
== Participants ==
* Julien
* Jens
* Benjamin
* Ian
* Mahdi
* Ian C
* Virgil
* Guillaume
== Agenda ==
* '''Review IoT WG Strategy for 2016'''. Based on the wiki page at [1], it would be great to get your input as to what should be the priorities for this year from a PMC standpoint. Feel free to annotate the wiki page or provide feedback on the mailing list ahead of the call.
* '''Project plans'''. What is your project's roadmap for 2016? Let's try and identify possible areas of collaboration between projects, needs in terms of community outreach, and in general make sure that each project's agenda is duly publicized. 
* '''IoT Summit'''. Review agenda for the unconference and overall IoT activities at EclipseCon NA.
* '''IoT Developer Survey'''. Review final draft.
== IoT Strategy ==
* Recruiting projects: we need to recruit projects with '''existing communities'''
* LoRaWAN? Concerns about IP/openness.
* Just like we have CQs to identify "legal" and "licensing" issues, EF could provide a service to '''provide security analysis for Eclipse IoT projects'''
** an issue might be that most of the tools available out there are commercial/proprietary tools
* Other communities/projects we may want to reach out to:
** - smart grid / smart home. C/C++ based. Involved with Fraunhofer ISE institute
** HyperCAT
* Should we update website with more "generic" IoT content?
** No consensus on that point
* Do we want to have a common IoT download page?
** No consensus on that point
* Have each projects produce a getting started that can be featured on EclipseIoT. Use a common format/script – EF/Benjamin to provide guidance.
* Jens Reimann to provide some input regarding using Mattermost for helping project collaboration (e.g one single entry point to forums, twitter, IRC channels, etc of your project)
== Project plans ==
* Project metadata: the value you get out of it is pretty low (it's hard to visually parse it).
* On, can we try to add a quick "CONTACT the project" button and a glance at the PROJECT PLAN?
** problem is many projects don't have up-to-date metadata in the first place!
* There seems to be an agreement that best way to get an update on a project roadmap is to get in touch with the project team. EF expresses concerns about the fact that it does not really scale up, and "pushing" the information such as next release date and scope to your community is often very valuable.
== EclipseCon ==
* The WG will have a F2F meeting to discuss project updates and overall roadmap.
== Developer Survey ==
* Ian is finalizing the questions for the IoT Developer Survey 2016 that will be done in collaboration with AGILE European Project and IEEE.
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= Archives =
= Archives =
* [[IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes/2016 Archives]]
* [[IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes/2015 Archives]]
* [[IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes/2015 Archives]]
* [[IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes/2014 Archives]]
* [[IoT/M2MIWG/Weekly call minutes/2014 Archives]]

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The Internet of Things Industry Working Group is holding bi-weekly calls on Wednesdays, at 12pm ET.
Participation to these calls is restricted to members of the IWG, but the minutes are public. We alternate between marketing-focused calls (upcoming events coordination, community outreach, etc.), and technical calls mostly targeting project leads, to synchronize cross-project activities.

The meetings are held via teleconference. The regular call-in numbers are shown below (if possible, please used caller paid numbers). There are a few local / toll-free dial in numbers, but you may want to setup a SIP client on your computer if possible.

  • North America 1-866-569-4992
  • Germany 49-692-2224-6059
  • France 33-(0)-17-070-8535
  • UK 0800-033-7806
  • Switzerland 41-44-580-2115
  • Sweden 46-85-063-8386
  • Italy 003-902-3604-8268

Participant conference extension: 713, then enter pin 68764

SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.


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