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SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.
SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.
= Mar 25, 2015 (Project leads call) =
== Participants ==
* Benjamin Cabé
* Ian Craggs
* Julien Vermillard
* Luca Dazi
== Agenda ==
* Update on the IoT Challenge. Deadline was yesterday and Benjamin will update on the submitted solution and relationship with Eclipse IoT projects.
* IP and process issues. Quick roundtable on any outstanding CQs or process issues that projects may have.
* LwM2M over MQTT update.
== IoT Challenge ==
== IP and Process Issues ==
== LwM2M over MQTT ==

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The Internet of Things Industry Working Group is holding bi-weekly calls on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12pm ET.
Participation to these calls is restricted to members of the IWG, but the minutes are public.

The meetings are held via teleconference. The regular call-in numbers are shown below (if possible, please used caller paid numbers). There are a few local / toll-free dial in numbers, but you may want to setup a SIP client on your computer if possible.

  • North America 1-866-569-4992
  • Germany 49-692-2224-6059
  • France 33-(0)-17-070-8535
  • UK 0800-033-7806
  • Switzerland 41-44-580-2115
  • Sweden 46-85-063-8386
  • Italy 003-902-3604-8268

Participant conference extension: 713, then enter pin 68764

SIP clients can call, then enter pin 68764.


Mar 25, 2015 (Project leads call)


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Craggs
  • Julien Vermillard
  • Luca Dazi


  • Update on the IoT Challenge. Deadline was yesterday and Benjamin will update on the submitted solution and relationship with Eclipse IoT projects.
  • IP and process issues. Quick roundtable on any outstanding CQs or process issues that projects may have.
  • LwM2M over MQTT update.

IoT Challenge

IP and Process Issues

LwM2M over MQTT

Feb 12, 2015 (Marketing call)


  • Jens
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Benjamin
  • Dave Woodard
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Mahdi Ben Alaya
  • Virgil Dodson
  • Ian Craggs


- IoT Challenge results to date - IoT Developer Survey - review questions in attached document - Web site updates - EclipseCon and IoT Day update

IoT Challenge

  • Participants' projects are highlighted on
  • Four projects are blogging actively and showing interesting results. Several "tips and tricks" and "tutorials" are being created as part of the blogging activity of the participants. Eclipse IoT projects should make sure to relay those in their own mailing lists, wikis, etc.
  • There are several solutions that are using Kura, Leshan, and MQTT/MQTT-SN
  • Deadline for final submissions will be March 23rd (initially Feb 27)

IoT Developer Survey

  • The survey should help build awareness about Eclipse IoT by writing a report
  • We probably don't want more than 20 questions
  • Question 10 on protocols should probably be split in two sections: messaging protocols and industrial protocols
  • "Is open source an important factor for your IoT solution?" or "What's your organization's view on OSS: never use it, considering using it, ..."

Web site updates

  • Benjamin and Ian are working on revamping the website since it's start to show its age and is not adapted anymore to the numbers of projects and technologies we have
  • There should be showable results in the next couple weeks.

IoT Day

  • The help of the Eclipse IoT members to recruit participants is greatly appreciated :)

Jan 28, 2015 (Project leads call)


  • Update of project release plans.
  • GPG signing update. Benjamin will provide an update on setting up GPG signing for IoT * projects.
  • LWM2M over MQTT – Update on the initial discussions regarding running LwM2M over MQTT
  • Update on the IoT Challenge


  • Benjamin
  • Jens
  • Michael Bradley
  • Kai K
  • Mahdi
  • Ian Craggs
  • Marco
  • Virgil

Update of project release plans

  • Paho
    • Paho 1.1 will include:
      • .Net and WinRT by Paolo Patierno
      • Formal release of the embedded client
      • Formal release of the Android service
      • Service update of all the other clients
    • Next version will be Paho 1.2
      • to be released in Mars
  • SmartHome
    • No release in preparation (there was a release announced in Dec. but it has been withdrawn)
    • Ongoing work on REST API
      • Automated and interactive documentation of the REST API using Swagger
    • 0.2 release is out
      • built on Monday, ongoing testing. To be announced tomorrow.
      • inclusion of IEC standards is finally a GO!
    • next version will be 0.3
      • more functionality back-ported from OpenSCADA
      • deprecate old functionality
      • to be released in ~6 months
  • Kura
    • Kura released just before Christmas a 1.1
      • support for openJDK Device I/O API
      • support for USB HID
      • service release of the network management bits
      • upgrade to Paho 1.1
    • Moving forward, a 1.1.1 is planned for February
  • Mahdi
    • OM2M first release planned for March
      • CoAP and HTTP bindings
      • better SQL/database abstraction
      • backend interface
    • After that (Sept), a bridge to OneM2M will be added + a GUI

Project release schedule

  • Eclipse release train: every project joins and tools+plugins are synchronized
  • However for IoT we don't really have one single set of tools, but it would be great to provide a better view (calendar?) of what is in the pipe for the projects
    • PMI improvement?
    • Jens suggests that this is a manual web page on, or it could use the PMI API

GPG Signing update

LwM2M over MQTT

IoT Challenge

  • Gift cards have been sent to 10 projects.
  • Eclipse IoT Projects are encouraged to monitor Twitter and help the participants with any questions they may have

Jan 15, 2015 (Marketing call)


  • IoT Developer Survey
  • IoT Challenge
  • Web site updates
  • Eclipse IoT Day in Dresden Germany
  • IoT Day in Grenoble, France


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Jens Reimann
  • Dave Woodard
  • Julien Vermillard
  • Bernd Fischer
  • Mahdi Ben Alaya

IoT Developer Survey

  • Goal is to understand what's going on in the market, and esp. for developers
  • Jens volunteered to help elaborate the questions

IoT Challenge

  • Deadline to enter is January 17
  • We have around 20 entries so far so we expect to end up with 30+
  • Participants will have to blog about their project and we will be promoting the content

Web site updates

  • needs some love
  • On the home page:
    • List the projects
    • Improve the contact form
  • Benjamin and Ian will draft an update for the website

Eclipse IoT Day in Dresden Germany

  • Eclipse and IoT Workshop on March 18th
  • Looking for speakers
  • 50+ participants
  • SmartHome, EclipseSCADA, Vorto
  • Bernd will promote the event on the Eclipse mailing list

IoT Day in Grenoble, France

Dec 17, 2014 (Marketing call)


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Jens Reimann
  • Mahdi Ben Alaya
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Anne Nevin
  • Steffen Evers
  • Julien Vermillard


  • IoT Developer Challenge
  • Opportunity at IoT World event in May
  • Update on Embedded World
  • Announcement of project releases
  • EclipseCon and IoT Day
  • Proposed IoT Developer Survey

IoT Developer Challenge

  • Benjamin updated the group on the challenge and encouraged all the participants in the call to help recruit projects.
  • The following members will likely propose submissions or help recruit challengers: FORTIS, LAAS, Bitreactive
  • Benjami blogged about some "Frequently Asked Questions"

IoT World

  • ~4,000 visitors expected, co-located with Apps World
  • Ian is looking for members interested in helping organize an open-source room (we'll get a room for a day that we will be organizing the program for)
  • Still need see if we want presentations only, or maybe tutorials in the morning?

Embedded World

  • 4 or 5 companies will be sharing the Eclipse booth

Press release / projects announcement

  • Only one project will actually be releasing in Q4 so the press release is postponed

EclipseCon IoT Day

  • Schedule is published
  • Do we want to have a WG face-to-face?

OneM2M update

Developer survery

  • Ian proposes to do an IoT developer survey next year
  • Ideas is to have a set of 20 questions, and to circulate the survey inside and outside of our community
  • We would write a survey report and publish it
  • The participants in the call were all in favor of moving forward with this idea

Nov 18, 2014 (Marketing call)


  • Ian Skerrett
  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Wolfgang Neuhaus, Itemis
  • Kristopher Clarke, Actuate
  • Kai Kreuzer, Deutsche Telekom
  • Kai Hudalla, Bosch SI
  • David Woodard, Eurotech
  • Thierry Monteil and Mahdi Ben Alaya, LAAS-CNRS
  • Julien Vermillard, Sierra Wireless

Itemis intro

  • Itemis is an Eclipse strategic member
  • Three main reasons to participate to the IWG:
    • Committer on SmartHome and Qivicon partner
    • Tools relevant for device development of IoT solutions, esp. mbeddr (used for a SmartMeter project)
    • Xtext is used by several Eclipse IoT projects
  • Interested in participating to the shared booth

Embedded World Germany

  • Two talks: Benjamin and Kai.
  • Executive dinner? Bosch SI, DT and Itemis could co-host.
  • ACTION ITEM: Ian S. will post on the mailing list to seek interest, and setup a phone call with interested parties.
  • We should plan on doing a press announcement to advertise the booth, etc.

Developer Challenge

  • Ask people to apply, and close applications in January.
  • Deadline to submit final project would be a couple weeks before ECon, and winners would be announced at the show


  • Program for the IoT day will be selected with the help of Marco, Steffen, and Julien
  • We may coordinate with the local IoT meetup group again this year

Virtual IoT MeetUp topics

  • 200+ people registered to the group
  • If people would like to do a webinar, please let us know.
  • Candidate topics mentioned during the call:
    • Vorto
    • Future of OM2M/OneM2M

Community announcement in December for Project releases

  • Projects planning a release are: Concierge, Kura, OM2M and SmartHome

Nov 4, 2014 (PMC call)


  • Introduction of new members
  • Follow-up on action items from Face-2-Face meeting
    • Support for different protocols
    • LWM2M over MQTT
    • Common message formats for MQTT
    • Signing support
  • December announcement for project releases (Concierge, Kura, OM2M and SmartHome)
  • Community outreach at Embedded World Germany


  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Jens Reimann
  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Simon Lemay
  • Virgil Dodson
  • Marco Carrer
  • Ian Craggs
  • Jan Rellermeyer

Introduction of new members

  • New members: itemis, Litmus Automation, GadgetKeeper

Follow-up on action items from Face-2-Face meeting

Support for different protocols

  • What is the best location to host protocol libraries? Orbit? Probably depends on whether this is just binaries, or source as well.
  • Having protocols in an independent project might help decouple protocol release cycle from project's release cycle
  • ACTION ITEM: start listing requirements for an IoT Bundle Repository in a wiki page so that all project can contribute. (Benjamin) Will also allow to discuss with Wayne Beaton and Orbit leadership


  • Simon: started discussions in Leshan community to decouple Leshan from Californium, but could be pushed further to have LWM2M on MQTT.
  • Marco to update the group on the progress.

Common messages for MQTT

  • Not discussed.

Signing support

  • Debian and RPM packages to be signed with GPG keys. Two options:
    •  we sign releases with one individual's key but then we need to make sure the key his well trusted by having signing parties at e.g. EclipseCon
    • we sign with a key that is only accessible from EF servers, and have one key per project
  • ACTION ITEM: comment on bug 449443 with your comments/requirements

libuv license issue

  • Roger discussing with node/Joyent folks to clarify the CLA and licensing for the libuv library

December announcement for project releases (Concierge, Kura, OM2M and SmartHome)

  • Opportunity for some PR and announcements if we have enough project releasing in december

EclipseCon NA 2015

  • Kris from Actuate plans on submitting a talk on connected car w/ MQTT, BIRT, ...
  • Marco: integration of IoT projects

IoT Challenge

  • Marco stronly suggests to make something for which most of the "building" time is before rather than during the conference
  • A BoF session on the Wednesday evening could be arranged to showcase the solutions
  • Having a HackNight on the Tuesday would also be a good addition

Community outreach at Embedded World Germany

  • To be discussed during marketing call in 2 weeks.
  • Kai Kreuzer and Benjamin Cabé have talks accepted. If other people from Eclipse IoT community have talks, please let us know!

Oct 8, 2014 (PMC call)


  • Project metrics – discussion on what metrics each project should track and publish.
  • Outstanding CQs – discussion with projects on the CQ process
  • Recap of JavaOne
  • IoT Playground at ECE
  • Unconference at ECE


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Thierry, Mahdi
  • Jens Reimann
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Dave Woodard
  • Virgil Dodson
  • Ian Skerrett

Project metrics

  • Download Stats: Benjamin will post on the ML and create a wiki page to detail how projects can track their downloads
  • Google Analytics process: Benjamin will experiment with Google Analytics API to make sure GA can be used to provide a consolidated view of all Eclipse IoT websites' visits

Outstanding CQs

  • OM2M
    • 3 open CQs – 1 can be canceled, 2 others are problematic


  • Good attendance on the booth and Eclipse IoT talks
  • MQTT.fx interested in joining Eclipse IoT/Paho

IoT Playground and Unconference at ECE

  • Project updates planned from:
    • SmartHome
    • Kura
    • SCADA
    • OM2M
    • Paho
    • Mosquitto
    • BIRT
  • IoT IMR (Vorto) presentation
  • Release / IoT package for Mars

Sep 10, 2014 (PMC call)


  • Participation in Mars release train
  • New projects recruitment
  • JavaOne status update
  • Pi4J


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Jens, SCADA
  • Kris
  • Virgil
  • Dave & Marco, Eurotech
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Ian Craggs
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Thierry, Samir, and Mahdi, OM2M
  • Mike Bradley, IBM


  • Kura is looking at leveraging Pi4J API to provide GPIO support
  • Interested parties
    • SmartHome: openHAB as a Pi4j binding
    • Eclipse SCADA: interested too, at least for prototyping target
  • Wiki page:

Participation in Mars release train

New projects recruitment

  • In the process of being recruited
    • MQTT .Net client
    • MQTT Ruby
    • MQTT Node.js
    • MQTTwarn
    • 4DIAC
      • Issue with IEC standard
    • Moquette
  • Projects to be recruited
    • *tinyDTLS* MIT
    • *Zigbee4OSGi* Apache License
    • Benjamin will create a wiki page.


  • Web page that we point people to is available in a draft version at:
  • Ian to reach out to members next week to ask for a quote.

Aug 27, 2014 (Marketing call)


  • JavaOne Plans – demo schedule, press plans, party, web site
  • Webinars
  • Face to Face meeting at EclipseCon Europe


  • Jens Reimann, IBH
  • Benjamin Cabé, Roxanne Joncas and Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation
  • Kai Kreuzer, openHAB/SmartHome
  • Michael Bradley and Ian Craggs, IBM/Paho
  • Kris Clarke and Virgil Dodson, Actuate/BIRT
  • Dave Woodard and Marco, Eurotech/Kura
  • Thierry Monteil, OM2M


  • Booth: we need to have a schedule (monday to wednesday)
  • Ian suggests to have 2-hrs slots
  • Two tables, one is for Orion and JDT and the other is dedicated to IoT
    • Benjamin: greenhouse demo
    • Kai K: SmartHome
    • Thierry and Mahdi: OM2M
    • Virgil and Kris: BIRT, ODA
  • We have very limited space so partners should be careful to not bring too much HW :)
  • Flyer
    • There will be a general flyer explaining the whole IoT stack
    • Format will be letter size (8.5 x 11"), back and front
    • Ian will provide a template that projects can use for a project-specific flyer
  • Party at the Twitter office will probably take place on the Monday
    • demos
  • Web page dedicated to "IoT for Java developers" is being designed


  • First webinar on September 9
  • We're going to use to build a "virtual meetup group"
    • Goal is to create an online community we can reach out to

F2F meeting at ECE

  • It would be great to have a F2F meeting at ECE
  • Each project would have an opportunity to provide an update on where they are

Jun 4, 2014 (WG call)


  • Review MQTT oriented marketing programs, specifically MQTT hackathons and improvements to MQTT web content
  • Update on IOT Java promotion
  • Top-level project proposal
  • Other business


  • Benjamin C, Eclipse Fdn
  • Ian S, Eclipse Fdn
  • Andy Piper, Paho
  • Dave Woodward, Eurotech
  • Jens, Eclipse SCADA
  • Kai, Eclipse SmartHome
  • Hilary, Eurotech
  • Virgil, Actuate
  • Kirk, 2lemetry
  • Ian Craggs, IBM

MQTT marketing programs

  • Web content around MQTT needs to be improved
  • Start developer oriented events, like Hackathon

Web content

  • website is run by Andy SC and maintained by Andy P and Nick O'Learry
  • Over the last few months, the community has been working on moving to a wiki hosted at Github
  • Ian S offers to have a graphics designer to work on the UI/UX of a new website
  • Kirk proposes to use 99designs
  • Andy suggests to rely on Jekyll to be able to run on Github
  • Follow-up with a smaller group to come up with a 'creative brief'

Developer events

  • Idea is to have MQTT hackathons in the fall
  • Need a list of locations/organizers who would like to organize
    • Kirk: Denver is a possible location (cf. Thingmonk USA)
    • Toronto would be an option
  • Ian will setup a mailing list of people who showed up interest. Progress to be shared on iot-wg mailing-list

Update on IoT Java promotion

  • Announcement in Sept. of the Java offer
  • Benjamin is working on a demo scenario. H/W still need to be figured out (BBB, Raspberry Pi, ...)

IoT Top-level project

  • Charter is being drafted
  • Waiting from feedback for EMO re: pre-approved dual licensing

Other business

  • N/A.

May 21, 2014 (Project leaders call)


  • Eclipse IoT top-level project
  • Deployment
  • Java launch
  • Licensing for 3rd party protocols


  • Benjamin C, Eclipse Fdn
  • Ian S, Eclipse Fdn
  • Kris, Actuate/BIRT
  • Virgil, Actuate/BIRT
  • Jens, IBH/SCADA
  • Kai, openHAB/SmartHome
  • Marco, Eurotech/Kura
  • Thierry, LAAS/OM2M
  • Mahdi, LAAS/OM2M

Top-level project

  • Kai and Jens have been proposed as PMC co-lead
  • Kai: what would become of the IoT WG calls?
    • WG is about marketing efforts, how to build a stack for the industry, ... so the WG would definitely still exist, and call schedule would remain the same
  • Each project leader would be invited to be a member of the PMC
  • Ian is volunteering to update the draft charter that we have on the wiki


  • The Eclipse Marketplace will have an IoT category that can be used for promoting projects' p2 repositories
    • bug 433975 tracks the addition of the IoT category to the marketplace
    • ODA for Kura, SmartHome designer, ... are good candidates for inclusion on the marketplace

Raspberry Pi

  • Benjamin is working with IP team to make sure Eclipse projects can build binaries for the Raspberry Pi
  • We should provide a landing page for Raspberry Pi developers, that would provide instructions and pointers to download and install Eclipse IoT technology on Raspberry Pi
    • Benjamin will draft a website
  • Marco volunteers to start a wiki page to document Debian packages build with jdeb

JavaOne launch

  • Paho/Californium/Kura as the base stack
  • Other supporting projects: OM2M, SmartHome, SCADA, ...
  • We would need a "Getting started with Eclipse IoT". A technical writer will help.
  • Upcoming releases
    • There should be a release of Kura before JavaOne (2 CQs are still pending)
    • Paho is releasing for Luna
    • Californium (?? Matthias wasn't on the call)

Licensing for 3rd party protocols

  • For now, projects should email when they plan on implementing a standard.
  • Jens suggests that it would be good to have guidelines and "ip in cartoons"-like stuff for implementing standards

May 7, 2014 (WG call)


  • Java for IoT launch at JavaOne
    • Review wiki page
    • Discuss content to create, demos, ...
  • Marketing around MQTT post interop testing day
  • IoT WG opportunity to join Industrial Internet Consortium
  • OM2M sandbox


  • Benjamin, Eclipse Foundation
  • Thomas, SmartHome
  • Jens, Eclipse SCADA
  • Ian, Eclipse Foundation
  • Wes, Eurotech
  • Kris, Actuate
  • Lynn, Actuate
  • Hilary, Eurotech
  • Anne, bitreactive
  • Virgil, Actuate
  • Mahdi, OM2M

Java for IoT launch

  • Eclipse Fdn will have a booth at JavaOne
  • Eurotech will have a booth too
  • bitreactive is interested in being involved with the demo


  • We should try to have an overall integrated demo, that would be across several booth (eg. Eclipse Fdn for the core demo, Actuate for the reporting, Eurotech for the HW, ...)
  • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin to draft an outline of a demo scenario


  • Series of short articles, how-tos, ...

Marketing around MQTT

  • Following the MQTT interop testing day, several attendees have expressed interest in doing more marketing efforts around MQTT


  • IBM, GE, Cisco, AT&T, and others
  • IIC won't provide standards, they are more about influencing existing standards / open-source communities with requirements
  • IIC aims at building testbeds for IoT solutions
  • Ian explains that cross-membership is being considered (Eclipse Fdn to join IIC and the other way around)
    • This also means opportunities to have joint meetings and joint events too

OM2M sandbox

  • ACTION ITEM: Mahdi to work with Benjamin and IT on setting up an OM2M sandbox

April 22, 2014 (Project Leader Call)


  1. Review plans for Java stack launch - Launch plan
  2. Build support for Windows and OS/X - Reference bug 415757
  3. New sandbox servers for CoAP and Lightweight M2M
  4. Other questions and issues from project leaders


  • Ian Skerrett
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Mattias Kovatsch
  • Jens Reimann
  • Marco Carrer
  • Jan Rellermeyer

IoT Java Launch

  • Review [draft plan]
    • Discussion about what are the packages and key deliverables. It was decided we have two main deliverables: 1) A set of foundation building blocks for IoT Java developers, including Paho, Calfornium, Kura and Concierge. 2) Solutions for IoT, including a solution for Industrial IoT in Eclipse SCADA and a solution for home automation in Eclipse SmartHome. These solutions make use of the foundation building blocks. NOTE: OM2M might be another solution for Telecos?
    • Discussion about the demos. The target will be to have at least 3 demos: 1) Green house demo that shows the foundation building blocks using Kura, MQTT, CoAP, etc. 2) Eclipse SmartHome demos and 3) Eclipse SCADA demo. The goal is to show each of these demos sharing data via MQTT and CoAP. Also show a consistent programming model using OSGi and Concierge.
    • Discussion about deployment targets. Initial target will be Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone but this might need to be refined.
    • ACTION ITEM: Ian will update the plan based on this discussion.

Build Support for Windows and OS/X

  • Existing bug [415757] captures the requirement for build machines for non-Java projects but we need to capture what other IoT projects have this requirement.
  • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin to include this requirement in his deployment infrastructure document.

Update on Concierge

  • Jans provides an update on the development plan for Concierge.
    • R5 compatibility expect in the next month. Two key issues raised:
  1. EMF dependency on Equinox blocks projects like SmartHome from using Concierge. Bug [328227] is tracking this issue.
  2. Dependency Services is not implemented in Concierge. Kura makes use of DS so we need to identify what services are required. ACTION ITEM: Marco will open a bug on Concierge to track the requirements.

New Meeting Time

  • We want to move the meeting time so people from the west coast of the USA can participate. Project leaders please identify what time work for you on this [Doodle poll].

April 8, 2014 (WG call)


  • New time for the bi-weekly call
  • Ecosystem page on update
  • Java for IoT – with many Eclipse IoT projects running on Java, it would be nice to discuss what can be done to improve and demonstrate our Java end-to-end story
  • IoT events – upcoming events, speaking and sponsorship opportunities


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Hilary Thomasson
  • Linda Ariani Gunawan
  • David Sciamma
  • Marco Carrer

New time for the call

  • It's proposed to have the call 2 hours later (and not necessarily on a Tuesday), in order to allow participant in Pacific time to join
  • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin will send a Doodle poll

Ecosystem webpage

  • Web page will go live at the end of the week
  • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin to put the page live, and send a mail to the mailing list

Java for IoT

  • Good progress on the technology side – great story for Java developers
  • Ian would like to put together a plan for JavaOne: tutorials, documentation, deliverables
  • Hilary: Eurotech will be at JavaOne
  • Marco: we should start a wiki page
  • We should target more interoperability demos
  • ACTION ITEM: Ian/Benjamin -> create a wiki page

IoT Events

  • IoTLive tomorrow
  • EclipseCon France call for papers
  • Hilary will share upcoming IoT events
  • IoT DevCon in early may, Eclipse Fdn has a tabletop


April 1, 2014 (Project leads call)


  • Build infra and integration needs
  • Java demo at JavaOne
  • Misc


  • Benjamin Cabe
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Kai Kreuzer
  • Mattias Kovatsch
  • Scott Lewis
  • Ian Craggs
  • Jurgen Rose
  • Jens Reimann
  • Mahdi Ben Alaya

Build Infra

The goal was to discuss what projects do today for building for MacOSX, Windows, ARM, ... and what could be done to simplify project lives.

  • Getting an Equinox launcher for ARM sounds like something that would be useful to projects like SCADA and possibly SmartHome (Equinox is bootstraped manually when SmartHome runs on e.g. Raspberry Pi)
  • Build for Windows and Mac
    • Eclipse SCADA is using Hudson Windows slave to build signed MSI installers for Windows
    • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin will discuss with Eclipse Webmaster what is the best practice for Win and Mac build (Hudson slaves seem to be for testing only)
  • Signing
    • Eclipse SCADA is building RPM and DEB packages already
    • There is no proper solution for signing such packages which need to be signed using gpg
      • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin to coordinate with Eclipse Webmaster to discuss the opportunity of using gpg for signing linux packages
    • It appears interesting to provide debian or rpm package repositories at Eclipse in a central way
      • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin to coordinate with Eclipse Webmaster to discuss thoughts on package repos.


  • Ian explained that it would be great to have a nice demonstration of our Java story for JavaOne in September
  • Idea would be to start collecting thoughts for a really compelling Java story, and start producing articles, demos, tutorials, ... for JavaOne
  • Kai Kreuzer details his vision for a SmartHome demo
    • already discussing with Jan from Concierge to get SmartHome running on Concierge
    • Paho is already being used, if Moquette comes to Eclipse SmartHome could also repackage an MQTT broker
    • Kai discussing with Marco on how to integrate w/ Kura
  • Jens explains that SCADA also plans on doing a demo together with eTrice and 4DIAC, targetting end-Sept
    • demo would be something more industrial, using Modbus
  • Scott Lewis described that ECF's implementation of standards-based OSGi Remote Services currently runs on Concierge (or any R5 OSGi framework), and that ECF has an MQTT remote services provider currently based upon the Paho Java Client. Given this, and the existing tutorials and examples, it would be straightforward to put together a JavaOne demo...perhaps even for/with SmartHome...based upon Concierge, OSGi Remote Services, and MQTT...with standardization/interoperability being operative at all levels (OSGi framework, remoting/distribution, and messaging protocol/transport).
  • ACTION ITEM: Ian will put together a plan of what could be done for JavaOne
    • Of course projects will have to be willing to provide support and help on actually implementing demos


  • Mattias explains he's now ready to contribute Californium to Eclipse, the current code base being now "frozen" after successful participation to IETF CoAP interop testing event.
  • Kai is interested in having CoAP support in SmartHome
  • Mahdi lets us know that two students are currently working on 1/ a CoAP Californium binding in OM2M and 2/ an Eclipse SCADA integration
  • Everyone is invited to use the WG mailing list to post updates on cross-IoT-project work on the mailing list to encourage collaboration and sharing of knowledge

February 11, 2014


  • Live demos on the website
  • Ecosystem promotion on the website
  • Eclipse IoT/M2M Rebranding update


  • Benjamin Cabé
  • Mattias Kovatsch
  • David Sciamma
  • Julien Vermillard
  • Jens Reimann
  • Andy Piper
  • Jurgen Rose
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Hilary Tomasson

Live demos

  • The Eclipse IoT website should help demonstrate and showcase the open-source IoT technologies available at Eclipse. Benjamin suggests that project leads should think about the demo they'd have to contribute
  • Jens: SCADA team has a limited bandwidth to work on a live demonstrator over the next couple weeks
  • Eurotech
    • It's been discussed to try to have an always running version of the people counter. Hilary will synchronize with Marco
  • Mattias: it is hard to provide live/web demos of CoAP. Video would be an option
    • A test server could be hosted on, and you could download Copper for Firefox (CoAP plugin) for doing some tests
  • Benjamin suggests to have videos of the projects that are diffcult to demonstrate live
  • ACTION ITEM: Hilary/Marco and Ian to discuss about people counter demo
  • ACTION ITEM: Ian to ping Bitreactive regarding what demo content they would have
  • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin to follow up with Mattias to setup a CoAP sandbox server at

Ecosystem promotion on the website

  • The ecosystem webpage draft available at
  • After a discussion between Hilary and Ian, it's agreed to rework the page to list the Steering Committee members at the top of the page
  • Ian: each member company needs to provide product description, and company description
  • Mattias: could we provide an overview of the building blocks that are part of the ecosystem?
  • Ian: we need to create a better presentation of what the projects do together
  • ACTION ITEM: Benjamin to update ecosystem webpage to list SC members at the top
  • ACTION ITEM: Ian to ask members to provide content on the WG mailing list

Eclipse IoT/M2M Rebranding update

  • ACTION ITEM: Ian to create iot-wg mailing-list and subscribe everybody who's on m2m-iwg to this new list

Additional topics

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

  • Google has a program for university students. Students are being paid for working on OSS projects (4500USD per student)
  • First step in the process is to come up with some ideas
  • Next is mentoring the students
  • IDEAS:
    • Visualization for MQTT / Ponte
    • ...

January 28, 2014


  • Introduction of all the project leaders so they know each other and the projects
  • Q&A on the Eclipse project creation process to make sure everyone is moving forward with their project.
  • Identification of future points of collaboration


  • Benjamin - Sierra Wireless
  • Jens and Jurgen - IBH, Eclipse SCADA
  • Mattias - ETH Zurich, Californium
  • Jan - IBM research, Concierge
  • David Navarro and Hatem - Intel, LWM2M
  • Thomas - Eclipse SmartHome
  • Wes and Marco - Eurotech, Kura
  • Andy - CloudFoundry, Paho
  • Ian - Eclipse Fdn
  • Mahdi - LAAS, OM2M
  • Thierry - LAAS, OM2M

Eclipse SCADA – Jens & Jürgen

  • SCADA system based on Eclipse and OSS components
  • Industrial sites and plants with PLC
    • data acquisition
    • middleware for processing the data
    • client applications to visualize the whole data
  • Status and Next steps:
    • Project proposed in 2013
    • Source code is in the repository
    • First milestones of 0.1 version are available
    • Estimated release date for 0.1: next few weeks
    • Need to create a website for the project

Californium – Mattias

  • Californium is a Java impl of the CoAP protocol
  • Implemented during Mattias' PhD
  • Has been used for validating IETF drafts
  • Good scalability results
  • Comes with a DTLS (security) implementation
  • Idea is now to make it a "real" open-source project
  • Status and Next steps:

Concierge - Jan

  • Concierge also started at ETH Zurich as an implementation of OSGi R3 meant to run on constrained devices
  • Footprint is 314KB
  • Concierge is def. interested in other projects using Concierge and providing feedback
  • Status and Next steps:
    • Code is currently being brought to R5 compliance (93% complete so far)
      • 2 missing features so far: Resolver hooks, new way to acquire resources via bundle wiring.
      • Initial contribution of the code needs some clean-up but should be done in the next days

LWM2M - David & Hatem

  • LWM2M is an OSS implementation of OMA LWM2M
  • David is involved in Device Management technologies at OMA
  • LWM2M targets IoT devices
  • In June 2013 a first open-source version of lwm2m was released on github, see
  • Project proposed at Eclipse in Dec-2013
  • Status and Next steps:
    • Creation review to be scheduled soon

Eclipse SmartHome - Thomas

  • UI, rules, persistence services, etc. for controlling and automating things
  • Eclipse SmartHome is created
  • There are many Eclipse projects that SmartHome is interested in collaborating with:
    • Concierge
    • Californium
    • Paho is used already
    • Kura
  • Status and Next steps:
    • All CQs are submitted / some CQs are still waiting for approval but check-in was granted
    • First binary build should be available "soon", most likely this quarter

Kura - Wes & Marco

  • 45 CQs, most of them approved as part of the parallel IP process / 14 CQs still pending
  • Code will be on Eclipse's github repo
  • Some CQs might not be approved
    • libdbus - which is dual-licensed academic free-license / LGPL
    • gxt - graphical toolkit on top of GWT
  • Status and Next steps:
    • First release should be in a couple weeks (when pending CQs will have been resolved)

Paho - Andy

  • MQTT implementations in Java, JS, Python, C, C++, Objective-C, Lua, Go
  • Objective-C has just passed parallel IP
  • Standardization work at OASIS – to be concluded in the next few months
  • The teams works closely with the Mosquitto project
    • Mosquitto is an MQTT broker
  • Status and Next steps:
    • Paho intends to join Luna and release C and Java clients, probably JS

OM2M - Mahdi & Thierry

  • OM2M is an open-source Java implementation of the ETSI M2M standard
  • Service capability layer for device, gateway, and network
  • RESTful design to enhance interop
  • HTTP (Thinking about integrating CoAP and MQTT protocols).
  • OSGi-fication using Equinox, build using Maven Tycho
  • Status and Next steps:
    • Trademark review pending, next step will be to schedule a creation review

Collaboration between projects

  • Andy: would that make sense to have kind of a cross-projects mailing-list?
    • Ian suggests to start with the m2m-iwg mailing-list for now
  • Ian: is there a need for a build infrastructure for e.g building for the Raspberry Pi
    • Jens: yes! building for Windows is also a requirement for EclipseSCADA
    • Marco: would be great to have ready-to-use binaries for popular open-hw platforms
  • Ian suggests to open bugs for capturing requirements from the projects about build infrastructure and the like
  • Mattias: it would be great if the website would feature a more visual representation of how the projects are working/connected with each other
  • IoT day - April 9th
    • Idea would be to have a one-day webinar
      • If projects have resources they would like to feature, this would be a great opportunity
      • ACTION: Benjamin and Ian to put together a more formal plan about this event
  • Ian reminds project leaders that if they need help with creating a logo for their projects, he can assist
  • Ian: it would be great if by the end of 2014 this group would be able to provide a "ready-to-use" platform for IoT

January 14, 2014



  • Marco Carrer
  • Ian Skerrett
  • Benjamin Cabé


  • Discussion on potential events
    • Eurotech will present Kura during IoT Day in Grenoble
    • Marco will see if Eurotech ppl from London are interested in attending FOSDEM in Brussels Feb 1-2.

Project leads sync call

  • Benjamin and Ian will coordinate with project leads to invite them to the call in two weeks time to share progress and experiences with the Eclipse process



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