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Intro video

APP4MC Intro video

Scene 1 - Let’s talk about multi-core

  • Image: chip - single chip to multiple chips
  • Text: single-core, multi-core
  • Voice: Migrating from single-core to multi-core

Scene 2 - Problem space

  • Migrating from single core to multi-core
  • Image: two rovers ?
  • Rover crash
  • breaks the physical limits of Moore's law
  • single-core is not able to meet high-performance requirements
  • doesn't know how to distribute the resources over multi-core

Scene 3 - Solution

  • APP4MC / CAPRA - RoverRepairMan

Scene 4 - solution demo

  • RC car

Scene 5 - not just for toys

  • Example: Challenge FMTV from Timing Architects
  • Amalthea model that includes several elements 1000's runnables, 100's tasks
  • large model for a real engine control ECU

Scene 6 - used by professionals

  • Bosch, BHTC, PSA, AVL, TA

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