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Intent Wiki



Intent is a proposed new open source project under the Mylyn top-level project. The project is currently in the Pre-Proposal phase.

The proposal has been published and is waiting for comments.

The Intent Project

Intent is an Eclipse based product created and developed by the Eclipse Strategic Member Obeo. It is included in the Eclipse release train since Eclipse 3.6 Helios.


Intent has been created with the objective of having the best tooling possible to generate code. As such, Intent possess several key features like an editor with syntax highlighting, errors detection, completion, refactoring etc. This editor is helped by a debugger, a profiler, and a traceability API which allow us to show the user the elements from its input models and the region of its generators that have been involved in the generation of a selected element. The features available in Intent can be found here. On this page, you can also find some of the exciting new features that we want to bring in the next release of Intent.

Project overview

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