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Integrated STP Tutorial Proposal - EclipseCON'09

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This page serves as a working space for an integrated STP tutorial, grouping together a set of STP components and sub-projects in a coherent whole. The basic idea is to show how people can use STP to design a "hello-world" SOA system by using its various editors and capabilities. The editors are connected together through the Intermediate Model component that provides some basic "glue" to help integrate some of the SOA artefacts.

link to submission: Towards Integrated SOA Development with Eclipse STP

First Meeting - 21/11/2008

Following up to the Eclipse Summit Europe conference, we organised a first conference call with the interested parties.


  • Stephane Drapeau, Obeo
  • Renat Zubairov, Sopera
  • Vincent Zurczak, EBM
  • Adrian Mos, INRIA
  • Antoine Toulme, Intalio
  • Oisin Hurley, IONA

Initial Thoughts

Basic Flow:

  • Start with BPMN
    • design a simple "Hello World" type business process
    • showcase the BPMN editor features and so on
  • Move through the IM to SCA
    • Generate IM from BPMN (or if the builder approach works by Eclipse CON, use that)
    • Generate SCA from IM
    • Show what happens "behind the scenes" with and outline view
  • Use SCA
    • Edit the generated SCA application (by using the SCA Composite Designer and the SCA XML editor)
    • Show how to extend the SCA meta model and the SCA Composite Designer ([SDR] This item is not relevant. The targeted audience is SOA tools users, not developpers that want extend our tools.[/SDR])
      • add new bindings
      • add new implementation types
    • the orchestration could be done by Java code (implement the "orchestration" component as a POJO)
    • define policies (double click on the SCA diagram would fire the Policy editor up and we can associate policies to some SCA elements).
  • Generate SCA artefacts and deploy to
    • Eclipse Runtime (Swordfish)
    • Tuscany
    • Petals
  • Show the entire thing running
    • web-based interface
    • a simple form or something similar that would involve calling up the SOA process defined and implemented before

Detailed Scenario

To come.

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