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Also see bug list

Work Item Milestone Days Est. Bug(s)
Update main wiki page 2 0.8
Revert to Java 1.4 3 0.8 171293
Versioning on jar name 1 0.8
Update operation refactoring. See IdAS Update Proposals 8 0.8 167978 163428 163429 171290 171296 171297
Build toolkit classes to assist CP writers 5 0.9
Registry refactoring See IdAS Registries Proposal 2B, IdAS Registries Proposal (obsolete), and IdAS Registry and Configuration (obsolete) 10 0.9 175630 163366
Context pooling 10
Define Description Language for IdAS 5 0.9
Invent string format for IFilter 4 0.9 171328
Change to use JAAS-like callback. Get rid of 'getOpenPolicy' (subsumed by callback handlers and interactions) 6 0.9 164048
Put matching rules in Model (Schema) 4 0.9
Metadata refactoring: Allow subsets of metadata to be fetched. ( Does IHasMetadata.createMetadata also effectively call addMetadata? 3 0.9
Alignment with IGF 15
Define IdAS interfaces for C++ 8
Define IdAS interfaces for C# 8
Implement IdAS interfaces for C++ 13
Implement IdAS interfaces for C# 13
Schema: Add method(s) which return the schema as a stream, DOM document, or other iterable object. ( 3 160412
Allow filters in other methods 2
IContext.verifySubjectAttributes doesn't leave a way to verify that a DS representing a group contains a specific member in its member value. 3
IContext::getSubjectSchema(), IContext::setSubjectSchema() 4 171295
Collisions: Determine what to do when importing data and collisions occur. Does import override, add to , or error when a DS exists? ( 171298
Document the special "uniqueIdentifier" attribute 1 171300
Does export/import only export/import Digital Subjects, or the entire Context (Metadata, Schema, DS, Relationships)? ( 1 171301
Export/Import Filter Format: Define the format ( 4 171301
Export/Import data representation format. Document what this would look like and how, given the string one could understand what the format is. Is there a registry? ( 5 171301
Relationships refactoring. How are two compared for equality? Does IHasRelationships.createRelationship also add? 4 171304

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