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Also see bug list

Work Item Days Est. Milestone Bug(s)
Update main wiki page 2 0.8
Revert to Java 1.4 3 0.8 171293
Versioning on jar name 1 0.8
Update operation refactoring. See IdAS Update Proposals 8 0.8 167978 163428 163429 171290 171296 171297
Build toolkit classes to assist CP writers 5 0.9
Switch static Strings to static URIs where appropriate 1 0.9
Registry refactoring See IdAS Registries Proposal 2B, IdAS Registries Proposal (obsolete), and IdAS Registry and Configuration (obsolete) 10 0.9 175630 163366
Context pooling (possibly needed for performance reasons) 10
Define Description Language for IdAS 5 0.9
Invent string format for IFilter 4 0.9 171328
Change to use JAAS-like callback. Get rid of 'getOpenPolicy' (subsumed by callback handlers and interactions) 6 0.9 164048
Put matching rules in Model (Schema) 4 0.9
Metadata refactoring: Allow subsets of metadata to be fetched. ( Does IHasMetadata.createMetadata also effectively call addMetadata? 3 0.9
Implement ISingleValuedProperty
Alignment with IGF 15
Define IdAS interfaces for C++ 8
Define IdAS interfaces for C# 8
Implement IdAS interfaces for C++ 13
Implement IdAS interfaces for C# 13
Schema: Add method(s) which return the schema as a stream, DOM document, or other iterable object. ( 3 160412
Allow filters in other methods 2
IContext.verifySubjectAttributes doesn't leave a way to verify that a DS representing a group contains a specific member in its member value. 3
IContext::getSubjectSchema(), IContext::setSubjectSchema() 4 171295
Collisions: Determine what to do when importing data and collisions occur. Does import override, add to , or error when a DS exists? ( 171298
Document the special "uniqueIdentifier" attribute 1 171300
Does export/import only export/import Digital Subjects, or the entire Context (Metadata, Schema, DS, Relationships)? ( 1 171301
Export/Import Filter Format: Define the format ( 4 171301
Export/Import data representation format. Document what this would look like and how, given the string one could understand what the format is. Is there a registry? ( 5 171301
Relationships refactoring. How are two compared for equality? Does IHasRelationships.createRelationship also add? 4 171304

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