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'''IRC''' is an excellent public forum -- both for helping users and for getting to know other committers.  We have official group status on [ Freenode].  You can connect to Freenode by pointing your [[#How Do I Choose An IRC Client? | IRC client]] at 
== Main Channels ==
These are the main channels we maintain:
* [irc:// #eclipse] - questions from plug-in developers and users [ log], general catch-all when specific channels do not exist
* [irc:// #eclipse-bugs] - official channel for [[BugDay|Eclipse Bug Day]]s (which haven't happened since 2009)
* [irc:// #eclipse-commits] - lists all commits as they come in (See [ CIA]) ('''down''' and empty as of 18:06, 16 April 2013 (UTC))
* [irc:// #eclipse-dev] - Eclipse contributors discussion and socializing - a good rule of thumb is this channel is for the development of org.eclipse.* plug-ins
* [irc:// #eclipse-soc] - official channel for [[Google_Summer_of_Code|Eclipse Summer of Code]]
=== Project Channels ===
There are also more project specific channels:
* [irc:// #eclipse-b3] - the build channel, buckminster, b3 project, etc (still registered but empty as of 18:06, 16 April 2013 (UTC))
* [irc:// #eclipse-de] - German localized version of #eclipse
* [irc:// #eclipse-e4] - official channel for E4 discussions [ log]
* [irc:// #eclipse-ecf] - the discussion channel for the [[Eclipse Communication Framework Project|Eclipse Communication Framework]]
* [irc:// #eclipse-hudson] - the discussion channel for the [ Hudson CI] project
* [irc:// #eclipse-linux] - the discussion channel for the [ Linux Tools Project]
* [irc:// #eclipse-modeling] - the discussion channel for the [ Eclipse Modeling Project]
* [irc:// #eclipse-orion] - official channel for the [[Orion]] project
* [irc:// #eclipse-scout] - official channel for the [ Eclipse Scout] project ('''inactive''' as of 18:06, 16 April 2013 (UTC))
* [irc:// #eclipselink] - official channel for the [[EclipseLink]] project
* [irc:// #equinox-dev] - the committer/contributor discussion channel for the [ Equinox Project] and p2
* [irc:// #higgins] - the discussion channel for the [ Higgins] project (registered but empty as of 18:06, 16 April 2013 (UTC))
* [irc:// #pdt] - official channel for the [ PDT] project (reclaimed by freenode-staff due to inactivity, topic updated and locked to PDT home page)
* [irc:// #virgo] - official channel for the [ Virgo] project (registered but empty as of 18:06, 16 April 2013 (UTC))
=== Related Channels ===
* [irc:// #osgi] - OSGi related channel
== More Info ==
A [ log] of the the traffic on #eclipse is available on the web. There is also an actively maintained [[IRC FAQ]] in which most questions eventually appear -- feel free to contribute! ''Much of the content was born [ here].''
If you are a committer on an eclipse project, then you can get yourself a developer cloak.  A developer cloak identifies you as a committer on the Eclipse project, gives you some privileges on the channel and masks your hostname.  If you would like a developer cloak, please contact '''paulweb515''' or '''nitind''' on IRC.
=== How Do I Start Using IRC? ===
* First, choose an IRC client (see [[#How Do I Choose An IRC Client? | below]]).
* Then, read the [ Freenode Setup FAQ].
=== How Do I Choose An IRC Client? ===
* If you are having trouble choosing an IRC client, try [ ChatZilla] which runs inside Firefox. Konversation and xchat are also widely used options.
* For GNOME you can try [ Smuxi].
* Or, if you're familiar with the IM client Gaim (now called [ Pidgin]), it also works great with IRC on both Windows and Linux.
* Mac users, try [ one of these].
* Another choice is [ ECF's IRC client], which runs as a view inside of Eclipse.
* If you cannot connect due to firewall issues or prefer to not install anything, try to connect via HTTP.
=== OK, I'm Set Up, Now What? ===
* Read the [[IRC_FAQ | FAQ]].
* Join a [[#Main Channels | channel]].
* Post a question, or answer one.
== Other Notes ==
Welcome! If you have a question, just ask, or take a look at our FAQ - 
Try typing ~faq to see more FAQs! If you have errors or logs to show, see ~pastebin.
If you have screenshots to share, see ~image. If you need to describe your problem, please
provide some ~info about your setup. Don't ask to ask, just ask, and please be patient when
waiting for a response. Lurk. Thank you and enjoy your stay.

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