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ICE May 2017 Status Meetings


Jay - Working on January. Starting on Vaadin UI for ICE.
Alex - Working on oclimax and qclimax ICE items.
Robert - Working on January package and ICE names. Updating EAVP to work with January.
Anara - Looking into VisIt's EAVP code to establish dependencies.


Alex - Working on ICEMAN. Made file entry with dragging and dropping files.
Robert - Refactoring EAVP to work with latest January forms branch.
Anara - Looking into EAVP's code.


Greg - Fixing bugs in PTP. About to start the list of stuff he and Jay agreed on.
Anara - Looking into EAVP's code.


Jay - Working on 2.2.1 release. Interviewing Robert.
Alex - Finished most of oclimax item. Making a Docker api interface and plugin to pull out implementation from apps bundle.
Robert - Presented EAVP seminar. Interviewing for staff position.
Greg - Looking at work removing eclipse dependencies from PTP and separating job launcher.
Anara - Switched to looking into CSV composite's code.

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