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ICE May 2015 Status Meetings


Anna - Fixing EntryComposite bugs, continuing to test the MOOSE tools in ICE.
Jordan - Wrote script to add missing licenses, continuing to test the MOOSE tools in ICE.
Taylor - Continuing to write publication draft.


Jay - Picking up where he left off on the Reflectivity; adding Nattable support.
Andrew - Looking at the Oomph installer and figuring out if it will work for ICE.
Jordan - Writing up status reports on VizServices.
Taylor - Setting up SonarQube.


Jay - Adding Nattable support and refactoring VizService interfaces.
Anna - Looking at EntryComposite decoration issues.
Jordan - Filling in test gaps in the VizService.
Taylor - Setting up Enterprise-ready SonarQube.
Andrew - Working on alternative installer.

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