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ICE January 2017 Status Meetings

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Robert -Cleaning up and updating the geometry and form packages in January. Migrating EAVP and ICE to use the January update site instead of their local copies of the data structures.


Hilda - Getting familiar with Leaflet-draw library and working on getting to file to save.
Robert - Updating EAVP and ICE to work with January update site.


Greg - Working on Neon .2 release.
Hilda - Learning how to do plugin and packaging with Electron.
Robert - Getting unit tests for tasqc client running.


Hilda - Geoscience mapper application prototype with four formats built and distributed.
Robert - Working on various issues for TASQC.


Hilda - Continued reading the ICE documentation.
Robert - Handling various bugs for ICE and EAVP.


Hilda - Committed the prototype code to the repo. Continued reading about ICE.
Robert - Putting unique IDs on keys in TASQC server. Working on properties menu for Geometry Editor.


Hilda - Making URLs consistant between documents (issue 307). Continuing with other documentation fixes.
Greg - Had science PMC meeting last week.
Robert - Fixing EAVP issues. Making Geometry Editor provide properties when selected.

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