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ICE February 2017 Status Meetings

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Greg - Training and CADES website. Working on paper.
Robert - Getting TASQC building on Linux. Getting familiar with Gnuradio
Anara - Going through tutorial and finding bugs. Reading up on Eclipse Modeling Framework.


Hilda - Working on login module of geoscience application. Working on presentation.


Hilda - Studying Spack and docker. Setting up Ubuntu machine on CADES for Docker testing. Working on planning for Eclipse Converge talk.
Robert - Looking at ADIOS Java SWIG bindings. Refactoring visualization prefrences page with Master/Details block.
Anara - Working on app store realization. Studying EMF and SWT.


Greg - Removing old builds from HIPP server.
Anara - Install Eclipse for EMF. Working on EMF tutorial.


Anara - Working on EMF tutorial.


Hilda - Installing Spack. Testing connection to CADES docker machine. Preparing for Eclipse Converge talk and logging issues in Github tracker.
Robert - Working on visualization preferences page refactor.
Anara - Creating EMF model for app store wizard. Finishing EMF tutorial.


Hilda - Researching Spack commands for listing packages.
Robert - Working on problem with OSGI services no longer working in ICE.
Anara - Finished EMF model and researching Vaadin for widget visualization.


Greg - Working on Neon 3 release.
Robert - Looking at bug with OSGI services in ICE not initializing. Continuing Preferences page refactor and looking at getting connections to use PTP.
Anara - Continuing work on EMF model for app store and researching Vaadin.


Greg - Working on Neon 3 release.
Robert - Working on OSGI and split package issues in ICE.
Anara - Fixing comments for EMF model. Setting up development environment for Vaadin and going through tutorial.


Greg - Working on Neon 3 release.
Hilda - Preparation for documentation. Also working on Spark.
Robert - Working on key transfer for tasqc.
Anara - Building ICE from scratch from build instructions. Designing vaadin views.


Jay - Going over Github repo with Anara. Writing paper called "All Existing Workflow Systems Are SHIT. They Should Be Flushed."
Alex - Committed EMF model for control code of app store.
Robert - Fixing 2.2.1 build errors. Creating Hudson job for build with SWTBot integration UI tests.
Anara - Designing views in Vaadin.


Alex - Implementing apps model tests and executable that will take json file or .xml EMF file as input.
Robert - Getting SWTbot integration tests to run in Maven build.
Anara - Devloping Vaadin in ICE.


Alex - Writing tests for apps data structures. Working on Docker environment class and updating to latest Docker version for spotify docker.
Anara - Working on webkit gtk.

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