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ICE Dev Team

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The League of Extraordinary People

We are a small team from the US National Lab system.

Jay Jay Billings (ORNL) - Warchief, Lead Architect and Developer

Alex McCaskey (ORNL) - Developer, Team Trainer

Jordan Deyton (ORNL) - Developer

Anna Wojtowicz (ORNL) - Developer

Taylor Patterson (ORNL) - Developer

Hari Krishnan (LBNL) - VisIt Plugin and Widget Developer

Andrew Bennett (ORNL) - Developer

Dasha Gorin (ORNL) - Undergrad Student, The Temp

Former Members

The following list of people were once members of our merry band and may join us again in the future.

  • David E. Bernholdt (ORNL) - Project Manager
  • John M. Hetrick III (IBM Rational) - Architect, Tester and IT Specialist
  • Tim Bohn (IBM Rational) - Architect, Tester and IT Specialist
  • Adrian Sanchez (UChicago) - Developer
  • Allison Koenecke (MIT) - Developer
  • Eric J. Lingerfelt (ORNL) - Developer
  • Neeti Pokhriyal (ORNL) - Developer
  • Mike Guidry (ORNL & UT) - Developer
  • Greg Lyon (ORNL & UT) - Developer
  • Forest Hull (ORNL) - Developer
  • Andrew Belt (ORNL & UT) - Developer
  • Ronald Allen (ORNL & UT) - Graduate Student

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