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ICE April 2017 Status Meetings

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Robert - Merging January branch.
Anara - Make Eclipse work with OSGi and Vaadin. Learning how to make ParaView web based.


Robert - Getting xtext working in merged January branch.
Anara - Trying to set up ParaView on Fedora.


Anara - Working on learning ParaView in EAVP.


Robert - Updating server script to work with ParaView 5.3
Anara - Looking into ParaView's code, specifically paraview web.


Greg - Research into Vaadin. Minor bugfixes for PTP. Dealing with new releases.
Robert - Working on January build for forms branch and updating ParaView server script.
Anara - Learning ParaView and trying to establish input stream to Vaadin application.


Jay - Updating ICE for HPC for manufacturing project.
Robert - Looking at Vaadin demo app with ICE. Seeing how ParaView images can be displayed in Vaadin. Working on failing tests in January branch.
Anara - Working with OSGi.


Jay - Connecting Warp3D to ICE.
Robert - Finishing January branch. Working on TASQC build.
Anara - Got OSGi working with Vaadin. Connecting Vaadin app to EAVP.


Jay - Working on ICE paper and EMF component for Warp3D. Working on January tests and build.
Greg - Fixed a few bugs in PTP. Working on release.
Anara - Working on consuming EAVP services in Vaadin app.


Jay - Working on HPC for manufactoring, ICEMAN, and ICE and workflows papers.
Anara - Resolved dependency issues for Vaadin app. Connecting EAVP progromatically.

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