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Welcome to the main wiki page for the Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment (ICE)!

This wiki contains all the important information you need for using ICE. You can search using the search bar on the left, or get started with the links below:

Please note that we are in the process of moving from our old wiki to here, so you may encounter missing content or improperly formatted articles. We apologize, and in the meantime if you have any questions, you are more than welcome to email us directly at ice-dev <at>

Project Home - Eclipse ICE homepage, including an overview describing the project.

ICE Mailing Lists - Resources for keeping up with the latest news about ICE and asking for help from other developers/users.

Getting ICE - Details on how to download, install and run the binary version of ICE.

ICE Build Instructions - Details on how to download, install and run ICE from the source code.

Source Code - ICE's source code hosted on GitHub.

Development Team - Meet the ICE Development Team.

About ICE - A detailed background about ICE and its goals.

Contributing to ICE - How to contribute code to ICE.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to common questions we receive from users and developers.

Known Issues - A list of the known issues in ICE. Please read before filing a bug report!

Bug Reports (Bugzilla) - The ICE bug tracker.

User Tutorials


Using MOOSE with ICE- A step-by-step tutorial describing how to use ICE's MOOSE plugins for MARMOT, BISON, RELAP-7 and RAVEN.

Developing MOOSE Applications with ICE - A step-by-step tutorial describing how to use ICE to develop MOOSE-based multi-physics applications.

Using Nek5000 with ICE - A step-by-step tutorial describing how to use ICE's Nek5000 plugins for computational fluid dynamics simulations.

Using PROTEUS with ICE - A step-by-step tutorial describing how to use ICE's PROTEUS plugins for neutronics simulations.

Using SHARP with ICE - A detailed tutorial covering all things SHARP in ICE.


Using CAEBAT with ICE - A step-by-step tutorial describing how to use ICE's CAEBAT plugins for lithium-ion battery simulations.

Mesh Building & Visualization

Visualizing Output with ICE

Embedded Visualizations in ICE

Editing Meshes - A tutorial on ICE's 2D mesh editor.


Using the Reflectivity Model - A step by step tutorial describing how to use ICE's Reflectivity Model for modeling neutron reflectivity.

Tutorials to assist developers can be found on the Developer Documentation page, which contains information for those looking to modify or extend ICE's features.

Presentations & Publications

EclipseCon 2015 Presentation - Mesh Editor

EclipseCon North America 2015 Tutorial

EclipseCon North America 2015 Presentation

EclipseCon Europe 2014 Presentation

Usability and User Environments for DOE ACTT 2014

EclipseCon France 2014 Presentation

EclipseCon North America 2014 Presentation

EclipseCon North America 2013 Presentation

NEAMS 2013 PI Meeting

Daily Status Meetings

The ICE development team meets everyday in a "stand-up meeting" to report progress and tasks for the day.

January 2015 Status Meetings

February 2015 Status Meetings

March 2015 Status Meetings

April 2015 Status Meetings

May 2015 Status Meetings

June 2015 Status Meetings

July 2015 Status Meetings

Archived meetings:

2014 Archived Status Meetings

2013 Archived Status Meetings

2012 Archived Status Meetings

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