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IAM Getting Sources

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How to get the source code

You have two options:

  1. Automatically, using a team project set file
  2. Manually, by checking out the projects from subversion and importing them in eclipse.

Import a team project set file

Import this psf to get all your projects configured in Eclipse (note that the psf file includes the maven embeder hosted at q4e)

This will give you all the projects in your workspace (enough for coding in Eclipse), but you will not have the full structure. If you need to run any maven goals on the projects, you will need to do the manual checkout.

Import existing projects

This is most likely this will only be needed by committers. If you're a non-committer and want to try this approach, use http instead of https

First, check out IAM and q4e (this is needed to use the latest embedder)

svn co org.eclipse.iam
svn co com.googlecode.q4e

Now import all the projects using the eclipse import wizard:

  • File > Import... > General > Existing Projects into Workspace

You will need to run the wizard twice, pointing it to each of the checked out trees.

Final notes

If you have not configured the IAM Target Platform, chances are that you will see build errors after the import.

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