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Provides API with I-Card related services to "client" components, such as [[RPPS Web App]] and [[ISS client UI]].
* Status: available since M0.6
* Language: Java
* Packaging: JAR
* No currently planned features
* Responsibilities
** Support for "card selector" UIs such as those embedded within HBX or in [[ISS Client UI]]. Relies on [[I-Card Selector Service]] for matching cards with policies.
** Retrieval where possible of one or more [[Digital Identity]] that satisfy the policy of relying sites and systems
** Support for RSS and other data channels between the agent and a relying system
** Support services related to HTML scraping (e.g. in HBX)
** Support services related to HTML form filling (e.g. in HBX)
** Support for i-card management (i.e. create/update/delete)
* Dependencies
** [[I-Card Selector Service]]
** [[I-Card Registry]]
* [ Sources]
* Has been tested on WinXP and Linux
==See Also==
* [ Higgins Home]
* [[Architecture]]
* [[Components]]

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