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Hudson-ci/getting involved

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Hudson-bust.png Joining in with the Hudson Community

Hudson is open to all and exists as two projects (see the Hudson Universe Page). As a result you have a choice of how you get involved with the project, either helping out with Hudson Core, creating your own plug-ins, or both!

The first place to head off to is the Contacts and Help page.  Here we maintain a list of the forums, email lists and IRC channels. 

Visit the Wiki for information about using Hudson, discussion of new features, etc.

Community Meetings

You are free to join the bi-weekly community meetings held by the Hudson Community.  These meetings are held over the phone, and there a free-phone number for many countries around the globe. Head over to the Community Meetings page for the schedule, call information and minutes.

Logging Issues and Editing the Wiki 

When working with the Hudson Core at Eclipse you will need to be signed up with an Eclipse Bugzilla account  (yes sorry, yet another web account to manage). Once you have a bugzilla account you can start to help with the project, everything from helping out with the documentation here on the wiki to submitting patches into Hudson Core. 

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