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Hudson-ci/eclipse migration/infrastructure

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Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png The Hudson Universe

Where Does Hudson Live?

Hudson actually exists as two separate but coordinated OSS projects. Hudson core -- the WAR file you download and run and several key plug-ins are all hosted here at Eclipse. However, there many plug-ins which are not part of core and were not part of the inital code contribution. These plug-ins are all hosted in the separate project hudson-plugins. Needless to say although these are two physically separate projects it's all logically one community. You can always get to everything from the home page

So Why Two Places Exactly?

Well Hudson is more than just the core, plug-ins play a huge part in most Hudson installs. Not all plug-ins, however, are maintained by the core Hudson team of committers, nore will all plug-ins be suitable for EPL licensing. By hosting the Hudson Plug-in community at a complete infrastructure can be maintained for developers who want to create plug-ins and license them say under the MIT license.

So Where Do I....?

Get Help? The best places to engage with the community are explained on the Getting Help page. Here you will find links to the User Forum, the mailing lists and the IRC channel
Find general information and  documentation about Hudson A great place to start is here in the Eclipse wiki. You may find the Hudson Book an invaluable reference as well 
Find out about a particular plugin The Plug-in are listed over on the the Hudson Plug-in wiki
Log an issue / bug against the Hudson core If in doubt you can log issues using the Eclipse Bugzilla system.
Log an issue / bug against a plug-in not included in core Issues for plug-ins that are not maintained in Eclipse can be logged on the Hudson Plug-in Issues System.
Look up an old Pre-Eclipse Hudson issue We've maintained the Historical Issues repository here. However, you should only use this repository for reference. All new issues against the Hudson Core should be created in the Eclipse Bugzilla system.

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