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Hudson-ci/eclipse migration/infrastructure

Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png The Hudson Universe

Where Does Hudson Live?

Hudson actually exists as two separate but coordinated OSS projects. Hudson core -- the WAR file you download and run and several key plug-ins are all hosted here at Eclipse. However, there many plug-ins which are not part of core and were not part of the inital code contribution. These plug-ins are all hosted in the separate project hudson-plugins. Needless to say although these are two physically separate projects it's all logically one community.

So Why Two Places Exactly?

Well Hudson is more than just the core, plug-ins play a huge part in most users Hudson installs. Not all plug-ins, however, are maintained by the core Hudson team of committers, nore will all plug-ins be suitable for EPL licensing. By hosting the Hudson Plug-in community at a complete infrastructure can be maintained for developers who want to create plug-ins and license them say under the MIT license.

Over time most of the core documentation, issues etc will migrate across to the Eclipse.

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