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Hudson-bust.png Previous Meeting Minutes

December 12th, 2011

  • Eclipse Move progress
    • Wiki
      • Much of the core doc has been moved to Eclipse wiki , but there is still a lot to be taken out and tidied to leave the hudson-ci wiki primarily as a resource for plugins
    • 3rd party libraries
      • Less than 30 remaining. Either they are being replaced (ACEGI, JFreechart) or upgraded to more recent versions that have available source code or the owners are being contacted by Eclipse. The owner must state that the content of a library was written by him as per the license and was not copied from elsewhere. Some of these are owned by KK and so far he has not responded to Eclipse. If this continues then Duncan may try to contact him through Steve Harris at CloudBees.
    • Machine provisioning
      • this is starting and likely to be in place by January
      • Work to move hudson-ci wiki and JIRA to the infrastructure and upgrade the software versions is underway (testing) by Susan and Duncan
  • Technical challenges ahead due to huge changes happened during IP proces. Winston reported on the challenges that the Oracle team is working through -
    • Charting changes
    • JNA changes
    • Javascript library changes
    • Upstream libraries merging of forked libraries
    • Winstone Servlet container is replaced with Jetty container
  • Plugins affected by above changes and how to handle it
    • With the above changes it is likely that at some point the compatibility between Jenkins and Hudson may be broken
      • to minimise this it was suggested by Susan that in January - once the alpha core release from Eclipse has been done - we document exactly what changes are needed and communicate with the compatible plugin owners
      • other plugins may need to be forked and updated for the new libraries
  • Rearranging Hudson Source base for easy update
    • Winston suggested that many core features are abstracted to plugin modules so that they can be updated outside of the milestone release process. Susan and Geoff voiced some concerns over this, whilst agreeing with the premis that plugins are easier to handle and test. It was agreed that this topic be discussed further in the dev mailing list
  • Next release (January). It was agreed that the next non-Eclipse release (2.2.1) will be delayed until late January and will be a bugfix release only. This will give the developers time to concentrate more on the Eclipse parallel alpha release that is scheduled for mid-January. No major bugs have yet been raised on 2.2.0


Lucas Panjer Duncan Mills Susan Duncan Geoff Waymark Manfred Moser Henrik Lynggaard Hansen Winston Prakash Denis Tyrell Nikita Levyankov Anton Kozak

November 21st, 2011

  • Eclipse Migration progress
    • still working on 3rd party libs
      • some progress, still some way to go
      • acegi lib - have approval for Spring so can now move to new Spring Security to replace old version of acegi for which source code cannot be located
    • still more documentation to be moved over to Eclipse
    • move to Eclipse for issues still not completely tied down
      • need to chase up getting commits automatically to developer lists
    • forum move likely to be around mid January
      • don't want to encourage either forum or issues in Eclipse until we are ready
    • still expecting to do the first 'parallel' release through Eclipse and existing channels in mid-January
  • Machine Provisioning
    • still on track for early December delivery of machines. final Oracle IT meeting this week to go over architecture.
  • Plugin Updates
    • BIRT - Wisnton has completed the changes to core to remove JFreechart and replace with BIRT
      • next step is to assess affected plugins and make either seamless changes or work round so that JFreechart can be auto-uploaded outside of Eclipse
    • Decision of those present to go through plugins and upgrade to latest versions all those that are still compatible with both Jenkins and Hudson
  • Hudson book
    • Manfred has complete the wrapper website for HTML. multi-HTML and PDF download version
    • Oracle have accepted the slightly more stringent Creative Commons license (to ensure derivative works are not done without permission
      • Eclipse board need to approve this license on the Eclipse site (in progress)
  • Hudson blog
    • Susan requested that contributions to the blog either be sent to her, or that authors request a login
  • Long Term Build History
    • Log rotator - needs updating and editing to expose an extension point if to be used for this
    • Idea of SQL database (rather than relying on JVM) was generally accepted.
      • ACTION Henrik to expand the wiki with his ideas.
      • ACTION Winston to look at log rotator
  • Issue [9005]
    • Anton is going to take another look at this, although unable to reproduce on his or Geoff's system
    • Henrik to keep Anton informed of any other occurrences or debug info


Manfred Moser Nikita Levyankov Anton Kozak Duncan Mills Geoff Waymark Susan Duncan Henrik Lynggaard Hansen Stuart McCulloch

November 7th, 2011

  • Eclipse move
    • some movement on 3rd party libraries
    • core contribution is now building from Eclipse 
    • confirmed with Eclipse that milestone releases could be done from Eclipse prior to all 3rd party libs being approved
    • Winston working on removing JFreechart and replacing with BIRT
  • JIRA migration
    • not viable to move to JIRA on
    • does not support workflows we need
    • cannot import data easily
  • Machine provisioning
    • should get new machines by early December

October 17th, 2011

  • Eclipse migration
    • still working through 3rd party libraries
    • awaiting news of new machine provisioning by Oracle

Meetings here cancelled due to other commitments of core dev group (Oracle, Sonatype, Manfred, Henrik etc around Oracle world and JavaOne

September 19th, 2011

  • Eclipse migration
    • core code - 27 logged, 3 already approved
    • 8 3rd party libs approved (about 60 to go)
    • 3rd party libs do not block us from working in Eclipse, but do blog release from Eclipse until passed
  • JIRA move
    • possibility to try and use bugzilla for new issues and keep JIRA on for all others
    • means moving JIRA from hudson-ci to
  • Lucas reported that stefan tingel (tasktop) has a few blocking issues - related to moving to latest version related to git. will look into them
  • Core code should be buildable off eclipse soon - so will build in parallel when available


Nikita Levyankov Anton Kozak Duncan Mills Geoff Waymark Susan Duncan Lucas Panjer Denis Tyrell

September 6th, 2011

  • Eclipse migration
    • code contribution: Eclipse still splitting out libraries. Initial contribution has gone from 9 to 11. Winston and Duncan are working through them
    • wiki move: large chunk has now been migrated across. The new book will be used as much of the 'meet Hudson' area and old pages are being cleaned up before migration (or discarded). there was some discussion on whether 'meet' and 'use' could be replaced by 'getting started with'..... no decision made
    • new logo is now in place on Eclipse site
    • issues - no movement on this
  • Hardware
    • still working on getting this through
  • JavaOne
    • HOL on plugin development is complete and will be posted onto the Eclipse site as the basis for the plugin development pages for JavaOne. Susan is reviewing the HOL
    • the HOL is also being broken down into 2 articles to be published in Java Magazine (post JavaOne)
  • Images - Duncan to ascertain if Eclipse have standard icon libraries that we can use
  • New Feature discussion
    • multiple loggers - Winston is going to look into consolidating. it will need a code base cleanup
    • Cascading projects - Winston is looking into this and to Henrik's additional request that is similar.
  • Book
    • Aim is to get an HTML/PDF onto Eclipse site for JavaOne
    • various sections of the book will be referenced to the relevant wiki sections (with no duplication)
    • Manfred and Tim to get a status update on the book sent out and the wiki summary page updated

Attendees: Winston Prakash Manfred Moser Nikita Levyankov Anton Kozak Duncan Mills Geoff Waymark Susan Duncan Lucas Panjer (Tasktop)

Aug 15, 2011 Meeting Minutes

  • Hardware
    • machine was down for 2 days - now up and running again. highlights need for new hardware asap
    • no news yet on the new Oracle machine
    • to be discussed further through mailing list over coming week
  • Next Release

Candidate build should be available at the end of this week/early next week for scheduled release Aug 26

  • Eclipse move
    • Initial code contribution is being reviewed by Eclipse, currently no outstanding issues
    • JIRA/wiki migration - as per the wiki page (on Eclipse) the first stage is being worked on by Duncan and Susan
    • Release plans and schedules

Duncan is discussing this with Eclipse. It is likely we will do one full release from Eclipse while in incubation using our existing release numbering system. Primarily to ensure we can use the Eclipse release process. After that will go to Eclipse milestone releases (6-weekly?) Duncan will provide more detail about release schedule and parallel releases as he discusses it with Eclipse

    • For the next Hudson release (end September) Winston will work on moving the Eclipse branch back to main so it can be tested (work needed on JFreecharts and other non-Eclipse pieces)
  • Roadmap and themes for future releases
    • Needed for Eclipse move, Duncan to write up list from suggestions below\-
      • Orchestration of multiple jobs and interactive diagrams (long term)
      • Replacement for Jelly

Winston suggested facelets (may be possible to plug Jelly into facelets) Care is needed to not break backwards compatibility with plugins

      • Cascading project inheritance
      • Markup formatter
      • Improvements to Active Directory/LDAP support and security
      • Replacement for JFreeCharts
      • JNA Replacement

Manfred suggested JNR, Winston to look into it HAWT-JNI another possibility further discussion to take place on mailing list

      • tweak UI for Eclipse focus
  • Forking plugins

Discussion:if we need to work on a plugin that is no longer supported by its original (Jenkins) owner, should we continue development from our source code (as at fork) or fork the latest Jenkins version? Decided to look at each plugin on a case by case basis. If there is, for instance, a security issue that has been discovered then it is only right that is picked up (either by Hudson or Jenkins depending on who first finds it).

  • Options for publishing Maven sites and javadoc for plugins ? Github pages or ?

Need to reinstate Hudson on Hudson first and then could use github publishing as this is where plugin source is located

  • Plugins
    • New plugins should use the infrastructure and github as it is available
    • Winston to remove old source code from as is confusing
  • non-plugin standalone Hudson tools
    • should reside in the github with the plugins. If in the future tools becomes a large category they could be moved to their own area (hudson tools)
  • Winston to remove old Hudson from as out of date and not needed.
  • Susan to look into Cafepress - do they still have Hudson t-shirts, who owns them
  • Logo
    • Existing logo has been researched and there are no legal issues
    • Want to update logo with some Eclipse branding, but essentially keep Hudson imagery
      • suggestions/designs from community should be sent to Duncan
      • Duncan to publish ideas for vote
    • Launch logo at JavaOne with new merchandise

Attendees Winston Prakash Denis Tyrell Henrik Lynggaard Hansen Manfred Moser Stuart McCulloch Nikita Levyankov Anton Kozak Duncan Mills Geoff Waymark Susan Duncan

Mik Kersten (Tasktop) - Canadian holiday

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