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Hudson-bust.png Using Jetty as a Container


As of Hudson 3.0 Jetty is the default in-built container for Hudson. To use Jetty, just invoke java -jar hudson-3.0.0.war.

For Older Versions of Hudson

Copy the hudson.war file to webapp directory, under debian this may be /usr/share/jetty/webapp

Hudson before 1.344 causes a problem with Jetty that results in a failure to retrieve update center data.

You may see:

  • Unable to create the home directory '/usr/share/jetty/.hudson'. This is most likely a permission problem.

This worked for me: as root

mkdir /home/jetty
chown jetty:adm /home/jetty
echo export HUDSON_HOME=/home/jetty/ > /etc/profile.d/

restart jetty

or add

<Call class="java.lang.System" name="setProperty">

to jetty.xml

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