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*[[Hudson-ci/plugins|Developing Plugins for Hudson]]
*[[Hudson-ci/plugins|Developing Plugins for Hudson]]
*[[Hudson-ci/first-hudson-plugin|Writing your first Hudson Plugin]]
=== Developing Hudson  ===
=== Developing Hudson  ===

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Hudson Continuous Integration Server
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Hudson-bust.png Hudson CI

Welcome to the Hudson Continuous Integration Server Wiki. This Wiki Serves as the home of the ongoing Hudson documentation process.  Content here is being slowly migrated over from the existing wiki, so please be patient.

Much of this wiki has been ported over from the original Hudson-ci wiki used by the project. So please acknowledge the hard work of all of the authors who have contributed to this material though that route.

Hudson Documentation

Getting Started with Hudson

Hudson User Guide

Hudson Plugin Development

Developing Hudson

Feature Planning

This section of the wiki deals with the future plans for Hudson under Eclipse.

The Migration to Eclipse

This section of the Wiki deals with the ongoing migration process from the and infrastructures into the mixed + infratructure of the future.

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