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How Autobuild Gets Dependencies

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  1. Nightly build runs buildLoop target of autoBuild.xml script from
  2. buildLoop iterates through each project in
    1. Checks whether the project already present at the location specified by buildDirectory property
    2. If project doesn't exist yet, try to check it out using CVS/SVN location of the project defined in
    3. Parses dependencies.xml of checked out project
    4. Iterates through each <remoteLibs> element
      • Iterates through each <library> element.
      • Checks whether library with file name specified by id attribute of <library> element already present at the location specified by the location attribute of the <remoteLibs> element
      • If library doesn't exist yet try to download and unpack it if necessary using library location specified in the
    5. Iterates through each project <higginsProjects> element and checks out all of them by repeating the above 4 steps
  3. run other targets to complete the build


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