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Higgins committers with contributions active in the 1.0 repository

Revision as of 19:35, 17 December 2007 by (Talk | contribs)


Last update December 17, 2007 - List of Higgins Committers who are still active in the 1.0 Repository. This list is sorted by Unix login name.

Unix Login name Comments
dbuss  ?? 10/7
gbyrd Configuration,etc.
mmcintosh STS
maxim Kopeyka  ???
mruddy Website, wiki
ptrevithick wiki
tdoman JNDI CP, etc.
valery Kokhan yes, what???
 ????  ???
Scott Lewis any left?? ecf stuff
Peter Nehrer any left - no?
Andy Dale No??
 ????  ???
 ????  ???



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