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Higgins Third Party Dependencies

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Last update February 28, 2007 - see IPzilla for more details This list is sorted by third party component

Third Party Library---- CQ-- Status----------- Higgins Component Dependency Level Idemix Crypto v 1.0 1119 waiting on Abhi Idemix CP 1 Jena 2.4 1011 Awaiting_analysis IdAS 1 LDAP CP 1118 waiting on legal itself 0 Sxip OpenID 1098 waiting on legal New OpenID CP 1

See Also

Third Party Library CQ Status Higgins Component Dependency level
dom4j Downloads Used to read and write our XML based configuration file. We also currently use castor generated code to read and write XML configuration data but it doesn't handle all the XML Schema constructs (namespace references) that we need. 1.6.1 License (BSD style)

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