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* Downloads
* Downloads
** <as we're currently working on>
** <as we're currently working on>
==See Also==
* [ Higgins Home]

Latest revision as of 17:01, 20 November 2006

This page described a proposed reorganization of the Higgins site ( and this wiki.



Home page

  • Has menu at the left
  • Has mouse logo, intro text, news section, events section

Menu at the left

  • Goals - update/rewrite the text (web or wiki)
  • Intro
    • Take introduction etc. from Higgins Wiki and move it here to a web or wiki page
  • FAQ
  • Architecture
  • Components
  • Plans
    • link to a new wiki page that has (a) the current web plans page content plus (b) the stuff from the "Plans" section here: Higgins Wiki
  • Developer Resources
    • Combine the current web page content (about the dev lists) plus the contents of the developer section here Higgins Wiki
  • Downloads
    • <as we're currently working on>

See Also

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