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Higgins Backlog

{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} This page lists projects that we would like to work on someday. It also includes open issues pages.

Shallower, More Accessible Areas

The tasks in this section are things that newcomers might like to work on.



  • Getting the GTK and Cocoa Selectors to build as executables for Linux and OSX
  • Configuring a Higgins Server using Puppet


White paper:

  • Contribute to a Higgins white paper --this has been started by HankM, need to put link here


Mobile Selectors

  • We have developed an iPhone thin-client selector that works with an OpenID/AX OP server. This could be ported to:
    • Android
    • RIM
    • Symbian
    • Windows Mobile


We'd like to develop protocol adapters that will expose IdAS as a web service using existing APIs including:

  • OpenSocial
  • Portable Contacts

IdAS Context Providers

We are always looking for help building “Context Providers” (CP)s. These “adapt” existing data sources into the Higgins IdAS service. We have them for LDAP directories (thanks to Novell) and we have one almost done (by a team at Oracle) for Google Contacts. We have a crude prototype of a Facebook CP. But we'd like lots more:

  • OpenSocial CP
  • PortableContacts CP (perhaps using portable contacts java library? --don't know about the licensing, IP, etc.)
  • CPs for communications systems (e.g. Skype, so your Skype contacts appear in a Higgins Context or perhaps an CP for Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF)),
  • CPs for desktop applications (e.g. Making your Outlook contacts, or Apple Contacts contacts appear in a CP), for collaboration systems (e.g. IBM/Lotus Notes, Exchange), etc.

Deeper Areas

The remaining items on this page require you to be fairly deeply involved in Higgins code. This stuff is probably mostly for committers.

Selector (client) stuff

  • Working on a set of browser extensions for IE, FF, Safari, and Chrome that support
    • i-card RP ISIP and XRDS-based discovery
    • OpenID (see IDIB project)
    • SAML/Liberty
    • Username/password

Attribute Service

IdAS Package

Actively Discussing:

Less active:

Identity Services


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