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* Current release target date is 1-Oct-2009
* Current release target date is 1-Oct-2009
* Upcoming milestone: [[Higgins_1.1M7]]
* Upcoming milestone: [[Higgins_1.1M8]]
* [ Enter a bug]
* [ Enter a bug]

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This page provides an overview of what's being developed or has already been developed for Higgins 1.1.

Many of the items on this page have been pulled from the overall long term wishlist here: Higgins Backlog and sub-backlog pages linked from it (e.g. Website Backlog, etc.).

Process (revised 7-July-2009)

Bugzilla (NOT this page NOR the milestone pages) is the authoritative tracking system.


  • We write up task descriptions on this page and discuss them on the list and on weekly calls. The idea is to comb through this page looking for items to schedule (put into Bugziilla). In some ways this page is really a Higgins 1.1 wish list, because anything that doesn't have a bugzilla item isn't "real" (isn't scheduled).
  • We create bugzilla items for each and copy the descriptions into the bugzilla entry (often embedded links to wiki pages). The bugzilla entry tags them as to milestone

This page and the milestone pages:

  • What remains on this page are just a one-liners with a link to the bugzilla description.
  • If desired, we can copy this one liner to the dedicated milestone page (e.g. Higgins1.1M7


Higgins Selector

This section documents the variants of the Higgins Selector that are under development for Higgins 1.1. The goal is to converge all variants (except the iPhone selector) to this Selector Client-Side Architecture 1.1.

GTK Selector 1.1-Win



  • 282695 Split GTK/Cocoa Selector component into UI vs. LICS

AIR Selector 1.1-Win


AIR Selector 1.1-Mac


iPhone Selector 1.1



  • Mary and Markus are discussing if this could be listed in Apple App Store under the "Eclipse Higgins" rather than "FreeXRI" name
  • Make the download link on the new solutions/download will point to the Apple App Store

Android Selector 1.1


  • Need to complete checkin


By building on porting work done as part of Higgins 1.0, it would be a fairly small task to create the following additional variants, although these are not planned at this time:

  • Cocoa Selector 1.1
  • GTK Selector 1.1-Linux
  • GTK Selector 1.1-FreeBSD

RCP Selector:

  • 245567: RCP selector needs to support new PPID algorithm per OASIS IMI

Higgins Selector-related Services

Cloud Selector 1.1

  • Add second factor for auth --preferably LOA 3. Examples:
    • OTP (One time password) sent to the user's phone
    • OTP generator app on the phone

I-Card Service

CardSync Service 1.1

Identity Services: IdPs




  • PPID algorithm support for v1.5



  • Enhance so that in addition to authenticating users against a Higgins IdAS Context, it can also authenticate users with an information card. Note that it does not yet issue cards.

Identity Services: RP



Attribute Services

IdAS Solution 1.1


  • Dust off 1.0 code and wiki; make sure it builds and runs

Attribute Service 1.1


  • Create new web service called the Attribute Service (was called Identity Data Service(IDS)). Provides RESTful bindings over IdAS using at least the XDI protocol. The intent is to use JSR-311 (and Java 5.0) to create a multi-protocol framework. A RESTful version of XDI could be supported by such an approach. A "full" XDI (e.g. the XDI Engine) might have to sit "beside" this framework.
  • Over time add support for other protocols such as Plaxo Portable Contacts, OpenSocial, etc.

IdAS Proxy Service 1.1


  • Document this as a new top level solution



  • Should we rename XDI4j to XDI4j 1.1 to be consistent with the other solutions?

Context Data Model 1.1


  • Publish updated higgins.owl ready for Higgins 1.1


Higgins Browser Extension Component


  • un/pw login
  • Microsoft's new CardTile option
  • Work with Axel to integrate his new XRD discovery code
  • Merge IDIB code (if possible), else recode in HBX -- depends on what we want to show at RSA 2009 interop
  • Experimental: Password Cards - includes "PWMgr" a proposed enhancement to the Higgins Browser Extension (initially its own extension)

Higgins Selector Switch Component


  • Windows platform: do we need to move away from the TCP socket/server method of connecting the HBX (for IE & FF) to use a DLL connection instead? Folks from Coresecio have told us that in some enterprises in Germany the IT policies are such that users are not allowed to install software with "open ports" (e.g. a TCP server).
  • Should we be getting Coresecio folks involved in developing this?
  • Need to review this table on the components 1.1 page. Does it correctly captures the number of separate implementations of HSS that have been developed. That is, are there really only two implementation project/folders? Windows and Mac?






IdAS Component

Higgins 1.1M8:


  1. 284644: Higgins/ModelAPIs
  2. 284645: Access Control in IdAS
  3. 238374: IdASRegistry: Support for dynamic updates - Greg/IBM
  4. IdAS Authentication: With Higgins 1.1, there were some changes to the IdAS Authentication Materials. The goals of these changes were (1)To have identifiers for Authentication Material types, in order to be able to discover this information via UDI Resolution and (2) To be able to easily (de)serialize Authentication Materials. The changes made include the following:
    • Introduce a marker interface IAuthnMaterials, which all Authentication Materials classes implement
    • Define string constants for the common kinds of Authentication Materials that we have
    • Reduce Authentication Materials classes to simple Java Beans (i.e. remove business logic, and reference to IContext in constructor)


IdAS Context Providers


  • Google Contacts CP 
  • RDF CP

No longer planned for 1.1:

  • Access Control CP? - not started
  • Open Social CP - not started
  • JDBC CP - not started

Context Data Model 1.1



This section describes planned improvements to the Higgins website & wiki.




Wiki: Selector 1.0


Infrastructure & Cross-cutting Improvements


  • Authentication Service 1.1
  • Automated Solution-Level Builds
  • Breaking every jar into its own Eclipse project (relationship to Orbit)
  • Internationalization of certain CPs - done
  • Evaluate how could internationalization the clients so that can outsource creating localized versions.
  • Galileo - need to create a prioritized list of "to do"s even though we will not be part of Galileo so that we'll be in better shape for next year

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