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(Identity Services)
(Identity Services)
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Identity Provider web services:
Identity Provider web services:
* [[STS IdP]] - WS-Trust Identity Provider (webapp and web service)
* [[STS IdP]] - WS-Trust Identity Provider (webapp and web service)
** Get it to support WS-Trust 1.3 [ 244073]  and SOAP 1.2 [ 227044].
** Get it to support WS-Trust 1.3 [ 244073]  and SOAP 1.2 [ 227044].
* [[SAML2 IdP]] - SAML2 Identity Provider (webapp and web service)  
* [[SAML2 IdP]] - SAML2 Identity Provider (webapp and web service)  
** Enhance so that in addition to authenticating users against a Higgins IdAS Context, it can also authenticate users with an information card. Note that it does not yet issue cards. - '''DONE'''
** Enhance so that in addition to authenticating users against a Higgins IdAS Context, it can also authenticate users with an information card. Note that it does not yet issue cards. - '''DONE'''

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Higgins logo 76Wx100H.jpg

This page provides an overview of what's being developed or has been developed for Higgins 1.1. Many of the items on this page have been pulled from the overall long term wishlist here: Backlog and sub-backlog pages linked from it (e.g. Website Backlog, etc.). Our process should be to describe and discuss the tasks here. When we know which milestone they will belong to we create bugzilla items for them appropriately.


  • TBD release date for Higgins 1.1
  • Items are logged as
    • HIGH have high probability of being completed in upcoming sprints by June 09.
    • DONE are already or nearly completed.
  • Upcoming milestone: Higgins_1.1M7
  • Enter a bug

Higgins Selector


  • Get all selector solutions to use the same Higgins Browser Extension (for each supported browseR) and the Higgins Selector Switch as shown here: Selector Overview
  • Add support for non-I-Card authentication methods into HBX. We’re interested in both OpenID and plain old username/password. There’ve been discussions within OSIS, and with members of the IDIB project about collaborating on this.
  • We have a Higgins Selector Switch (and related components) for Windows. We neeed to port HSS to Mac OSX (and preferably Linux too.) - DONE (checked in?)
  • Documentation. Revise all selector solutions wiki pages to indeed be solutions: meaning that they describe ALL of the components required to work. [This means that the solutions wiki pages for all but the Selector 1.1 Win-AIR need to be updated to add mention of HSS, HBX, and [in some cases] Higgins Server components or component sets] - HIGH


  • Selector 1.1 Win-AIR - for Firefox and IE
    • Add support for new card types to at least one selector variant:
    • get Parity to check in all code updates (e.g. new AIR ICM with skinnable "Higgins" UI branding (like what Andy did)) [BUGZILLA#?]
  • Selector 1.1 GTK - for Firefox (also callable by local apps) on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. This is a client-based native code app
  • Web Selector - Web-based I-Card Selector for Higgins Server. Speaks OpenID with AX. DONE
    • Need second factor for auth,
    • Need anti-phishing protection. One idea:
      • ask for username(iname)
      • display some recently used cards
      • then ask for password (while asking if the above cards look familiar). Hmmm or should we ask for a photograph during account provisioning?
  • iPhone Selector - I-Card Manager (standalone app) and I-Card Selector (MobileSafari plugin) for the iPhone - DONE

Identity Services

Identity Provider web services:

  • STS IdP - WS-Trust Identity Provider (webapp and web service)
  • SAML2 IdP - SAML2 Identity Provider (webapp and web service)
    • Enhance so that in addition to authenticating users against a Higgins IdAS Context, it can also authenticate users with an information card. Note that it does not yet issue cards. - DONE

Relying Party website or service:

Attribute Services

Java Frameworks, Libraries & Models

Web Services

New for Higgins 1.1..

  • IDS: is a new web service called the Identity Data Service. It provides RESTful bindings (using a variety of protocols such as XDI, Plaxo Portable Contacts, etc.) over IdAS


IdAS-related components

  • Google Contacts CP - DONE
  • CDM 1.1 - HIGH - Paul will do this
  • CDM Access control - priority
  • Restful Binding - priority
  • IdAS support for new CDM and initial access control - priority
  • Models as entities, especially data types - priority
  • RDF CP
  • Access Control CP?
  • Open Social CP

STS-related components

  • SOAP1.2 - HIGH
  • WS-Trust 1.3 - HIGH
  • PPID algorithm support for v1.5 - DONE

Higgins Browser Extension Component

Besides making sure that all H1.1 Selector solutions use the same HBXes, we also need to add support for:

  • un/pw login - HIGH
  • Microsoft's new CardTile option - HIGH
  • Work with Axel to integrate his new XRD discovery code - HIGH
  • Merge IDIB code (if possible), else recode in HBX - priority -- depends on what we want to show at RSA 2009 interop


Higgins Selector Switch Component

  • Versions for
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • MacOSX - HIGH
  • Merge connectors into the HSS - HIGH - [Jeesmon]
  • Windows selector connector for CardSpace and AIR - DONE
  • DigitalMe selector connectors (need MacOSX, Windows and Linux) - HIGH [Andy]

Infrastructure & Cross-cutting Improvements

Selector 1.0 wiki doc


Website: New Components Page(s)

  • Instead of all components for Higgins 1.0 and Higgins 1.1 mixed together on a single page, we create two separate pages: Components 1.0 and Components 1.1
  • The appearance of each of the two Components pages would be the same as today's single Components page with these exceptions:
    • The "H1.0" and "H1.1" columns (with LEDs) are no longer needed
    • We create the two replacement pages as .PHP web pages NOT wiki pages. This has two advantages (i) the current Components page is the only wiki page on the site to which the new style sheet can't be used (rather than debug the problem with the wiki templates and the .css we just eliminate the problem) (ii) we can ADD BACK a "Nightly" column with RED/GREEN indicators to see what components are building nightly.
    • We will have to create PHP functions that are the equivalent of the wiki templates used on this page
  • The current components page is linked from the left-hand menu. The two new pages are linked from the new downloads page (see below) when that page is ready.

Website: New Downloads Page

Here is the basic content of the new download page:

Higgins 1.0

  • table as below

Higgins 1.1

  • demo VirtualBox Linux image of a selector, and IdP, and some RP (and all source code) [ideally this would be updated every milestone]
  • 1.1M7 Table: Solutions
    • Section: Higgins Selector
      • Row: Selector Mac-AIR PSF <auto-built-download-page> MAN-BLD-LED INT-LED MAN-REG-TEST-LED <owner>
      • Row: Selector Win-AIR PSF <auto-built-download-page> MAN-BLD-LED INT-LED MAN-REG-TEST-LED <owner>
    • Section: Identity Services
      • Row: etc.
    • Section: Attribute Services
      • Row: etc.
  • Components 1.0 - link to a .php page (not a wiki page): only components that are part of one of the above solutions (not old 1.0 components)


  • PSF - a link to a PSF with every eclipse project needed to build and run the solution
  • MAN-BLD-LED - a RED/GRN LED that indicates if this solution can be manually built from scratch from instructions on the wiki page for this solution (using the PSF)
  • MAN-REG-TEST-LED - pass/fail LED on manual regression test (listed on solutions wiki page)
  • INT-LED - is this solution internationalized

Mock up: A wiki based mock-up of what the new page would look like: New Higgins 1.1 Mock-Up

Split Dependencies

  • Breaking every jar into its own Eclipse project (relationship to Orbit) (Mary to ask for volunteer on the list.)


  • Internationalization of certain CPs - done
  • Evaluate how could internationalization the clients so that can outsource creating localized versions.

Components Page

  • Comb through Components page and correct all missing wiki pages, etc.
    • Improve Components page by showing
      • Make it easy to see which component is used in 1.0, 1.1 or both - [DONE]
      • Make it easy to see which components are building properly in the nightly build


  • Galileo - need to create a prioritized list of "to do"s even though we will not be part of Galileo so that we'll be in better shape for next year


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