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Higgins 1.1M7

Revision as of 11:08, 16 July 2009 by (Talk | contribs) (GTK Selector 1.1-Win)


1.1M7 (Stable) - Target date: 24-July-09


  • 273328 Create new downloads page (1832) - WIP - Working on getting the various solutions to build in support of new solutions page mockup design.
    • We have a template page deployed here
    • This needs further modification to account for phased updates of the content that will occur on this page. Initially we are going to focus on fully defining the Windows GTK version.
  • 282699 PHP Components pages
  • Propose we just make static updates to this new download page here and integrate this page to the website. There will be some solutions that may not be ready by M7 to support this (e.g. AIR selector) and we will just gray out those rows on the table.

iPhone Selector

GTK Selector 1.1-Win


Coded but not yet checked in:


  • 282720 Update GTK Selector 1.1-Win wiki page - May need to work with Andy on this and Azigo team to write up developer perspective.
  • 273321 For future variants: Port HSS to OSX and Linux. (1765) - this is currently work in progress.
  • 282517 Split the shared tcpserver project into multiple projects (1772) - needs to be moved in to complete by late July


STS Client

  • 244073 Add WS-Trust 1.3 support - DONE.
  • 227044 Add SOAP 1.2 support - DONE
    • This work is done - but ran into issue with WS Security spec message mode. WS IT framework does not support the protocol as extension for WS Security. We will need to create a seperate ticket for this for M8. Reference this OSIS test spec
    • Would also need to create tickets for STS sever upgrade for SOAP 1.2 and WSTrust 1.3. This should be done for M8

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