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Higgins 1.1M1

Revision as of 18:38, 28 October 2009 by Unnamed Poltroon (Talk) (Higgins 1.1M1 (Stable) 6-May-08)

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Higgins 1.1M1 (Stable) 6-May-08

NOTE: it is important to list bug fixes, new features, API changes, etc. here as this list will become the associated notes for this version. The goal is for every line to quote a Bugzilla item# Open issues:

Bugs fixed:

  • All fixes from 1.0.1 (see above)

Features added:

  • 192592 .crds import (FF-embedded selector)
  • IdAS
    • 222143: IdAS: Rename INode->IEntity
    • 228080: Remove metadata, change to attributes on attribute instances?
    • IdAS Events
    • Authorization query method? e.g. "boolean isAllowed(URI attributeType, <operation>)"
  • 216743: Add an ability to auto-build feature projects
  • 222134: Revised HOWL
  • 222136: New Hibernate-based CP (supports new HOWL).
  • 222141: Higgins Selector Selector (for windows only)
  • 188961: Update I-Card interfaces and I-Card Registry to support batch import-export operations

New Selector Solution:

  • 222139: AIR-based selector
  • 222141: Higgins selector-selector
  • 223258: Define the AIR selector solution wiki

Related event:

  • April 7-11 - RSA Conference

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