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Higgins 1.0 Tracking Page

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This is an old Higgins 1.0 tracking page

RP Enablement

  • Bruce needs to check in the refactored RP code

Client-based Selector

  • Andy to test CVS-to-SVN conversion tool on entire Higgins repository
  • Andy to add back the links to where the source code on Eclipse to the ISSD Component is
  • Andy to improve this page: Client-based Selector
  • Novell to change this selector to use HBX for Firefox

Web-based Selector

Sprint 1 (Completed)

HBX for Firefox

  • Ask for first, last, email in setup wizard 205387 [DONE]

I-Card Manager

  • Display p-card attribute values [DONE]

RP Protocol Support

  • Merging code 185535 (critical) [DONE]

Sprint 2

HBX for Firefox

  • i-card selector should not ask for user name 198753
  • Automatically provide credentials 199325

HBX for IE

  • Get new project checked in 205135

(C++) I-Card Selector

  • Determine the dependencies ASAP!!
  • Get some initial code checked in to the right CVS project

I-Card Manager

  • Support for both Delete AND Remove (m-card) buttons 195912
  • Newly imported m-card doesn't appear in "old" ICM pages 198754
  • Preview m-card claim values

RP Protocol Support

  • Support for 4 auth types 199310 - we already have support for un/pw, what's critical is support for auth by a p-card; support for x509 and Kerberos is low priority

I-Card Registry

  • R-Card data format (XML schema)

Identity Attribute Service

  • final revisions to higgins.owl
    • add "isEditableBy" attriubte metadata (range is a SubjectRelation)
  • Test that IdAS API is extensible (e.g. to allow these)
    • Access Control List per Digital Subject managed at the Context level

Sprint 3

RP Protocol Support

  • Revised wiki pages and software documentation 191659
  • Add CardSpace importing functionality192252
  • Improve i-card transferring via WS (claims) 193700
  • Redevelop Ant build scripts to make Web App. automatically. 196262
  • Add support for update of ICards198367
  • issue community i-names


Higgins Browser Extension for Firefox

  • Priority P2-5 items here
  • Integrated i-card selector:
    • RP cert display
    • RP ev-cert display
    • "include optional claims" checkbox
    • Remember this password option checkbox
    • Remember this card option checkbox
  • Password reset
  • Password recovery
  • Setup wizard must ask for (First name, Last name, email address, i-name "root")
  • must be parameterized by community i-name prefix (e.g. @novell*, @ibm*)

(C++) I-Card Selector

  • General harmonizing of UI, e.g with a remember this decision check box, etc.

I-Card Manager

  • Import p-card and .crds file in general
  • Export p-card into .crds file
  • Create p-card [DONE]
  • Edit p-card [DONE]
  • During account provisioning:
    • Auto-generate an initial p-card
    • Auto-generate an initial OpenID self-issued r-card

RP Protocol Support

  • Change password
  • Password recovery
  • OpenID 1.1 OP
  • OpenID 1.1 with SimpleReg

I-Card Registry

  • Logging: where each card has been used, timestamp, etc. (like CardSpace)


Sprint 1

  • Refactor to use new IdAS registry
  • nightly build scripts for each Component
  • code to generate (CardSpace 1.0 compatible) key pair
  • code to generate (CardSpace 1.0 compatible) PPID


  • User Profile Management should talk to IdAS
  • Update the Components page (e.g. one sentence wiki pages for each Components) [DONE]
  • Local configure and build scripts for each STS Component
  • Local configure and build scripts for overall STS Deployment

If possible:

  • Currently we only support WS-SecurityPolicy Transport Binding, we should support symmetric and asymmetric key binding. (Involves changes to both the server and the STS client).
  • Kerberos token types
  • x509 token types

Post 1.0 issues:

  • SAML 2.0 tokens
  • WS-Federation

IdAS Deployment

Open issues:


  • Update the deployment diagram
  • Refactor to use new IdAS registry
  • nightly build scripts for each Component
  • Maven configure and build scripts for each Component
  • Maven configure and build scripts for overall Deployment

RCP Selector Solution

Sprint 1

  1. TBD


  1. RCP I-Card Selector
  2. Embedded I-Card Manager
  3. Per-platform installers
    • Need to install Higgins Browser Extension and the single process java agent exe with a single installation process
    • Windows .MSI Installer
    • OSX Installer?
    • RPM Installer?
    • Debian Installer?

Cross-cutting Items

Component APIs and SPIs reviews

  • Looking at API/SPIs from an app developers point of view
  • Looking at API/SPIs from a Higgins developer point of view

Configure, Build & Deploy

  • Maven configure/build/test scripts
  • Nightly build scripts
  • Wiki documentation of how to build each of the Deployments
  • Wiki documentation of how to build each of the Components

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