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Higgins 1.0

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This page describes the work items, and schedule for the 1.0 release of Higgins.


Higgins 1.0 makes available to technically savvy end-users three kind of identity selectors. It also makes available to developers four useful web services. These seven items are called "deployment configurations" and are described on the Deployments page

Key Dates

  • Original dates: Summer 2007, August 31, September 26
  • Revised release date: December 31, 2007
  • Eclipse "graduate from incubation review" presentation/meeting date: TBD
  • Eclipse 1.0 release review presentation/meeting date: TBD

RP Enablement

  • Bruce needs to check in the refactored RP code

Client-based Selector

  • Andy to test CVS-to-SVN conversion tool on entire Higgins repository
  • Andy to add back the links to where the source code on Eclipse to the ISSD Component is
  • Andy to improve this page: Client-based Selector
  • Novell to change this selector to use HBX for Firefox

Web-based Selector

Sprint 1 (Completed)

HBX for Firefox

  • Ask for first, last, email in setup wizard 205387 [DONE]

I-Card Manager

  • Display p-card attribute values [DONE]

RP Protocol Support

  • Merging code 185535 (critical) [DONE]

Sprint 2

HBX for Firefox

  • i-card selector should not ask for user name 198753
  • Automatically provide credentials 199325

HBX for IE

  • Get new project checked in 205135

(C++) I-Card Selector

  • Determine the dependencies ASAP!!
  • Get some initial code checked in to the right CVS project

I-Card Manager

  • Support for both Delete AND Remove (m-card) buttons 195912
  • Newly imported m-card doesn't appear in "old" ICM pages 198754
  • Preview m-card claim values

RP Protocol Support

  • Support for 4 auth types 199310 - we already have support for un/pw, what's critical is support for auth by a p-card; support for x509 and Kerberos is low priority

I-Card Registry

  • R-Card data format (XML schema)

Identity Attribute Service

  • final revisions to higgins.owl
    • add "isEditableBy" attriubte metadata (range is a SubjectRelation)
  • Test that IdAS API is extensible (e.g. to allow these)
    • Access Control List per Digital Subject managed at the Context level

Sprint 3

RP Protocol Support

  • Revised wiki pages and software documentation 191659
  • Add CardSpace importing functionality192252
  • Improve i-card transferring via WS (claims) 193700
  • Redevelop Ant build scripts to make Web App. automatically. 196262
  • Add support for update of ICards198367
  • issue community i-names


Higgins Browser Extension for Firefox

  • Priority P2-5 items here
  • Integrated i-card selector:
    • RP cert display
    • RP ev-cert display
    • "include optional claims" checkbox
    • Remember this password option checkbox
    • Remember this card option checkbox
  • Password reset
  • Password recovery
  • Setup wizard must ask for (First name, Last name, email address, i-name "root")
  • must be parameterized by community i-name prefix (e.g. @novell*, @ibm*)

(C++) I-Card Selector

  • General harmonizing of UI, e.g with a remember this decision check box, etc.

I-Card Manager

  • Import p-card and .crds file in general
  • Export p-card into .crds file
  • Create p-card [DONE]
  • Edit p-card [DONE]
  • During account provisioning:
    • Auto-generate an initial p-card
    • Auto-generate an initial OpenID self-issued r-card

RP Protocol Support

  • Change password
  • Password recovery
  • OpenID 1.1 OP
  • OpenID 1.1 with SimpleReg

I-Card Registry

  • Logging: where each card has been used, timestamp, etc. (like CardSpace)


Sprint 1

  • Refactor to use new IdAS registry
  • nightly build scripts for each Component
  • code to generate (CardSpace 1.0 compatible) key pair
  • code to generate (CardSpace 1.0 compatible) PPID


  • User Profile Management should talk to IdAS
  • Update the Components page (e.g. one sentence wiki pages for each Components) [DONE]
  • Local configure and build scripts for each STS Component
  • Local configure and build scripts for overall STS Deployment

If possible:

  • Currently we only support WS-SecurityPolicy Transport Binding, we should support symmetric and asymmetric key binding. (Involves changes to both the server and the STS client).
  • Kerberos token types
  • x509 token types

Post 1.0 issues:

  • SAML 2.0 tokens
  • WS-Federation

IdAS Deployment

Open issues:


  • Update the deployment diagram
  • Refactor to use new IdAS registry
  • nightly build scripts for each Component
  • Maven configure and build scripts for each Component
  • Maven configure and build scripts for overall Deployment

Eclipse-based Selector

Sprint 1

  1. TBD


  1. RCP I-Card Selector
  2. Embedded I-Card Manager
  3. Per-platform installers
    • Need to install Higgins Browser Extension and the single process java agent exe with a single installation process
    • Windows .MSI Installer
    • OSX Installer?
    • RPM Installer?
    • Debian Installer?

Cross-cutting Items

Component APIs and SPIs reviews

  • Looking at API/SPIs from an app developers point of view
  • Looking at API/SPIs from a Higgins developer point of view

Configure, Build & Deploy

  • Maven configure/build/test scripts
  • Nightly build scripts
  • Wiki documentation of how to build each of the Deployments
  • Wiki documentation of how to build each of the Components

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